Making a case for micro-unit apartments

As housing affordability and climate concerns continue to reach crisis levels, micro units are emerging as a promising, low-cost solution thanks to innovative design concepts improving interior efficiencies.
Multifamily leads take-up of EV charger funds

Multifamily leads uptake of EV charger funds

Multifamily landlords and condominium corporations have claimed more than a third of the funds the Canadian government has thus far allocated through its Zero Emissions Vehicle Infrastructure Program.

The legacy of Sen̓áḵw

Currently underway in Vancouver, Sen̓áḵw is a powerful testament to Indigenous land ownership and an economic legacy that’s expected to generate upwards of $10 billion in revenue for the Squamish Nation.
Promises aplenty ahead of Manitoba election

Promises aplenty ahead of Manitoba election

Manitobans are hearing promises aplenty as political parties offer up tax cuts, rate freezes and incentive programs ahead of the provincial election, set for October 3.
Climate change adaptation efforts unfolding

Climate change adaptation efforts unfolding

Canada’s newly finalized climate change adaptation strategy sets out objectives and attaches mid- to near-term targets to bolster resilience in five key action areas.
Ontario offers bonus incentives on retrofits

Ontario offers bonus incentives for retrofits

Bonus incentives for energy efficiency upgrades will be available to select commercial and multifamily landlords and condominium corporations in Ontario during the second and third quarters of 2023.
Ontario awaits patchy debut of discount power

Ontario awaits patchy debut of discount power

Most condominium corporations and rental housing landlords will need to make capital investments in energy storage to realize the benefits of Ontario's ultra-low overnight electricity rate.
Sustainable finance products clear path to 2050

Sustainable finance products forge way to 2050

Sustainable finance products, are expected to increasingly come into play as building owners/managers pursue decarbonization and look to bolster the climate resiliency of their properties.

Investing in the greater good

As the world seeks to eliminate harmful emissions that contribute to the climate crisis, the known benefits of decarbonization are piling up.
The Library Parcel

A model for inclusive, sustainable housing

A behind-the-scenes look at Dream LeBreton's new mixed-use residential project underway in downtown Ottawa, known as the "Library Parcel."
tax incentives

Tax incentives key to driving housing innovation

As commercial finance conditions tighten, government tax incentives like SR&ED are becoming more important to the multifamily construction sector.
building conversions

From office to residential

Office-to-residential building conversions have been gaining momentum in some Canadian cities, but how viable are they as a long-term housing solution?
building envelope

The 6 Principles of Sustainable Building Envelope Design

Sustainable building envelope design offers long-lasting environmental benefits while improving occupant comfort. Here are six principles all designers and building operators should adhere to.
Electricity price embedding underway for 2023-24

Electricity price embedding cycle begins anew

Ontario’s large commercial customers will have somewhat more straightforward parameters for carving out their share of the global adjustment as they prepare for expected summer peak demand.
Quebec budget boosts climate action spending

Quebec budget boosts climate action spending

The budget also includes $232.5 million over five years to help universities and colleges rent additional space and $43 million to underwrite an extra 1,600 subsidized units in private rental housing.
Business case assumptions evolve alongside ESG

Business case assumptions evolve alongside ESG

Investors and lenders are expected to increasingly focus on the physical and transitional risks of climate change, in turn upending some conventional views of costs and value.
made in Canada retrofit solutions

Advancing Canadian-made retrofit solutions

New CMHC report emphasizes Canadian-made retrofit solutions and steps to streamline multi-res projects as 2030 GHG emission targets loom.