race2reduce expands field of potential competitors

Canadian Property Management

Expanded field now eligible for race2reduce

Commercial buildings in Toronto’s neighbouring York Region can now join the challenge and gain eligibility for the Commercial Real Estate Sustainability Trailblazers (CREST) awards.
disclosure energy

Canadian Property Management

Heat is on for electricity demand projections

Electricity demand projections through the vaccination rollout period should take two contradictory factors into account, energy management specialists affirm.
off-reserve dwellings

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Off-reserve dwellings to get energy attention

Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services is launching an energy consulting team to work with First Nations, Inuit and Métis property managers and tenants in off-reserve dwellings.
Fossil fuel fired cogeneration systems to lose eligibility for accelerated capital cost allowance

Canadian Property Management

Cogeneration systems to lose tax enticement

The 2021 federal budget adds some clean energy equipment to immediately qualify for accelerated capital cost allowance, and names various combined heat and power applications to be delisted after 2023.
Project focuses on reducing and recapturing medical plastic waste

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Health care providers contemplate plastic waste

Project partners and advisors will explore options to reduce, reuse and recycle personal protective equipment and medical single-use plastic items before disposal.
Community buildings targeted for retrofits

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Community buildings targeted for retrofit funds

Two distinct, but complementary new federal programs promise funds for community buildings. Both are focused on meeting GHG reduction targets and are aligned with a pledge to invest $15 billion to address climate change and boost the green economy.
Passive House philosophy

REMI Network

Quest to capture Passive House philosophy

The winning effort will be incorporated into a planned year of active messaging on the theme that energy efficiency is the foremost step in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Upfront costs pose barrier for low-income householders to tap into energy retrofit incentives

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Upfront costs hinder access to energy savings

More than 110 industry associations, building service/product providers and public advocacy and community development groups are voicing support for no-cost incentives targeted specifically to low-income households.
Ontario endorses competitive mechanisms to trim the price-point of energy efficiency spending

Canadian Property Management

Ontario to stretch energy efficiency spending

A new slate of conservation and demand management (CDM) programs allocates $456 million for commercial, institutional and industrial consumers over the four-year period from 2021-24.
Provinces offer few energy efficiency programs for low-income households

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Low-income households foiled on energy savings

Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia are the top spenders to alleviate energy cost pressures on low-income households among Canadian provinces.
2020 scorecard provides impetus for interprovincial energy efficiency rivalry

Canadian Property Management

Scorecard stokes energy efficiency rivalry

Efficiency Canada’s second annual provincial scorecard takes a detailed look at commitment, outcomes and potential related to 42 energy efficiency indicators, and charts progress, or backsliding, against last year’s results.
CREST awards celebrate sustainability gains

Canadian Property Management

CREST awards celebrate sustainability gains

While teams are still focused on an electricity-saving target, the race2reduce, sponsored by BOMA Toronto, has now expanded its mandate to include water, gas, solid waste and overarching climate leadership.
New ASHRAE headquarters intended to demonstrate achievable energy performance in older existing buildings

Canadian Property Management

ASHRAE unveils energy performance role model

The newly renovated and retrofitted 42-year-old office building is intended to embody the global society’s mandate to advance human well-being through sustainable technology in the built environment.
BOMA Toronto's race2reduce aligns with climate capitalism

Canadian Property Management

Real estate makes space for climate capitalism

The 2020 race2reduce field boasts more than 1,730 buildings encompassing 248 million square feet of space in common areas and tenant premises — an increase from 650 buildings covering 95 million square feet in 2019.
energy retrofits

Canadian Property Management

Feds to invest $2 billion in energy retrofits

A promised $2 billion investment in large-scale building retrofits will be central to the Canadian government’s job creation ambitions. Energy efficiency champions have plenty of ideas of how and where the funds could be best leveraged.
NRCan offers funds to implement ISO 50001 energy management standard in commercial and institutional buildings

Canadian Property Management

NRCan to fund commercial uptake of ISO 50001

Natural Resources Canada is offering subsidies to implement the ISO 50001 energy management systems standard in commercial and institutional buildings.
Nunavut undertakes low-carbon energy management project

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Nunavut undertakes low-carbon energy project

A $27-million joint Canada-Nunavut investment will underwrite retrofit measures and renewable energy installations in 45 government buildings in six communities throughout the South Baffin region