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Shining a light on the benefits of solar

Danial Hadizadeh, CEO at Mitrex, offers insight into the latest solar energy products and their long-term sustainable benefits.
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Edmonton takes action on climate change

The City of Edmonton has launched the Corporate Climate Leaders Program, a new initiative for businesses concerned about climate change.
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One York earns record-breaking LEED Platinum score

One York Street has achieved LEED Platinum certification, earning 89 points, the highest score ever awarded to a Toronto building.

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Canada and India plot future energy goals

Ministers for Canada and India met last week to discuss the growth of Canadian investments in India’s energy technologies.

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Solar rooftop project to be Ontario’s largest

Construction will soon commence on Ontario’s largest commercial solar energy rooftop portfolio ever installed.   Enerdynamic Hybrid Technologies Corp (EHT) said it will complete 143

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Something new under the sun in Kimberley B.C.

Off Highway 95A, between the Purcell and Rocky Mountains, where the sun shines more than 300 days of the year, lies Kimberley, British Columbia, population

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Washington tower’s solar PV system is city first

The Millennium Building in Washington, D.C. has finished installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, a first of its kind in a large, commercial, class-A office
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Pros and cons of solar panels on apartments

Solar power generation is a green way to reduce energy costs. But there are pros and cons of solar panels when it comes to apartment buildings.
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Integrated solar cells offer design-savvy solution

Building integrated photovoltaics offer a more flexible energy efficiency option than traditional solar panels.
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Solar energy systems offer a bright ROI

Solar energy systems can offer protection from future increases in energy costs and save a property money in the long run.

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Solar solutions for building owners

Solar water heating systems are not only environmentally-friendly but they also save money.

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Summer heats up DSM prospects

Recurring requirements to off-load excess electricity supply at ratepayers' expense might appear to diminish ...

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Capitalizing on solar’s gain

The process of adding solar panels to a building's roof or adjacent land can be made much simpler and less expensive than what is probably thought.
Jon Kieran, Jason Gray, Darren Cooper

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A bright future for solar energy

This video report looks at advancements in photovoltaic and solar thermal technology. Commentators: EDF EN Canada's John Kieran, SunEdison's Jason Gray and Glenbarra Energy Management's Darren Cooper.