affordable housing

vacant office tower conversion

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Vacant office tower conversion underway in Calgary

Two non-profit organizations have joined forces to convert a vacant office tower in downtown Calgary into much-needed affordable housing.
Nova Scotia

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Nova Scotia ponders affordable housing

Newly released report and recommendations from the Nova Scotia Affordable Housing Commission call for financial incentives and regulatory supports to help upgrade existing rental stock and deliver new supply.
SAIT partnership

Design Quarterly

Vancouver affordable housing pilot project underway

An affordable rental housing pilot project is underway in Vancouver that will help evaluate innovative building materials and designs.
Hotel deal activity projected to pick up in Q2

Canadian Property Management

More hotel deal activity projected beyond Q2

Of the 21 transactions totalling approximately $197 million in value during the first quarter of 2021, seven properties were sold for redevelopment or conversion to other uses and three were distressed sales.
Budget 2021

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Breaking down Budget 2021’s affordable housing funds

The federal government released it’s much-awaited Budget 2021, which includes funds to address Canada’s need for more affordable housing.

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Scotiabank announces $10 billion commitment toward new affordable housing

Scotiabank announced it will be aligning with CMHC to mobilize $10 billion over the next ten years to support the creation of new affordable housing.
Quebec tackles social housing backlog

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COVID aggravates Quebec social housing backlog

The 2021-2022 Quebec budget opens up an enhanced refundable tax credit for rental housing tenants aged 70 and older, and promises incremental upward adjustments over the next five years.
Laval RCFi project

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New rental housing coming to Laval, Quebec

The Government of Canada announced it is investing $66.3 million toward the construction of a 193-unit rental building in Laval, Quebec, in the form of a low-cost loan.
rental income streams and strains

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NB scrutinizes rental income streams and strains

Comments and data gathered through the online surveys will help provincial analysts gain a more complete picture of how current market conditions affect social well-being, business viability and potential for new supply.
Rapid Housing Initiative

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Rapid Housing Initiative exceeds target of 3,000 new homes

Since launching in October 2020, the Rapid Housing Initiative (RHI) has exceeded its initial target of creating up to 3,000 new affordable homes.
Transit-oriented development

REMI Network

Study finds human cost of transit-oriented development

Transit-oriented development can be a blessing and a curse for communities, suggests a new UBC study.
community builders

Construction Business

EllisDon Community Builders to deliver affordable housing

EllisDon has launched EllisDon Community Builders, a new group to assist clients who wish to deliver affordable and supportive housing.
Temporary Rental Assistance

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Feds announce Temporary Rental Assistance funding

The Government of Canada announced it will be offering Temporary Rental Assistance funding to support social housing projects and families of low income. 
Rapid Housing Initiative

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Montreal to receive $56 million under Rapid Housing Initiative

The City of Montréal will receive $56.8 million in federal funding under the new Rapid Housing Initiative to support the completion of 12 projects, representing 263 housing units.
Low-income renters in both private and not-for-profit housing can now receive the Saskatchewan Housing Benefit

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More low-income renters qualify for Sask benefit

Low-income renters in Saskatchewan’s private housing market are newly eligible for the same subsidy introduced in April 2020 for tenants in not-for-profit accommodations.

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CMHC, VCIB join forces to create affordable housing

CMHC and Vancity Community Investment Bank (VCIB) announced a ground-breaking collaboration to create affordable housing solutions across Canada.
western civil

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A closer look at infill development

As affordable rental housing continues to be a pressing need in the GTA, some housing experts believe infill development is the solution we've been looking for.