• asbestos ban

    Canada moves towards total asbestos ban

    Canada announced the final step to prohibit asbestos and asbestos‑containing products. The asbestos ban comes into force on Dec. 30, 2018.
  • worksafebc

    WorkSafeBC launches impairment awareness

    With recreational cannabis use legal, WorkSafeBC is launching an awareness campaign about workplace impairment for both employers and employees.
  • design-build excellence

    CDBI recognizes design-build excellence

    The Canadian Design-Build Institute (CDBI) announced the winners of its 2018 Design-Build Award of Excellence at the National Design-Build Conference.
  • market drivers

    Developers weigh in on market drivers

    Collectively, the 400+ C-suite and senior executives see more opportunity than threat in technological advancements, social change and a less economically stratified society.
  • labour agreement

    NDP launches new agreement for public projects

    The NDP government has introduced a new labour agreement for major public-sector infrastructure projects to be administered by a new crown corporation.
  • residential development land

    B.C. residential development land takes tax hit

    The British Columbia government expects to collect about $520 million in new annual revenue through additional residential property taxes and property transfer taxes.

Hot Topics

  • ICMS standards

    Moving the ICMS standard forward in construction

    RICS, CIQS and CACQS held a joint information session about the International Construction Measurement Standards for reporting on construction projects.
  • Paul LaBranche legacy

    LaBranche legacy entrenched in BOMA BC

    Wrapping up a 25 year tenure with the Building Owners and Managers Association of British Columbia, soon-to-retire president, Paul LaBranche, characteristically looks through the lens of his organization's strategic plan to assess what he has accomplished.
  • zero carbon

    Moving to a zero carbon future

    Canada has set ambitious targets for greenhouse gas emissions reduction, which will require the building sector to move to a zero carbon future.

Must Reads

  • Order of Canada

    KingSett’s Jon Love named to Order of Canada

    Governor General Julie Payette announced the honour just prior to Canada Day, with accompanying acknowledgement of Jon Love's business leadership and philanthropy.
  • Canada-U.S. trade war

    Real estate vulnerable to Canada-U.S. trade war

    High-rise development is expected to be the hardest hit real estate activity, but fallout across a wider range of consumer goods has potential negative implications for commercial warehouse and distribution facilities.
  • high-rise housing starts

    Will ‘ultra-high-rises’ cost more to maintain?

    The new crop of 'ultra-high-rise' condos rising in Toronto will be more complicated and consequently more costly to maintain, one engineer is warning.