Canada's three largest cities

Canadian Property Management

Canada’s three largest cities picked to thrive

Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are among 30 global metropolises deemed well positioned to draw investment and sustain a robust real estate market for the long term.
gender diversity insight for investors

Canadian Property Management

Gender diversity insight for investors unveiled

Since only publicly traded entities are part of the analysis, many of Canada's largest real estate players are excluded. However, other criteria to qualify would eliminate several of them anyway.
Budget 2018

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Budget 2018 proposes investments in correctional, library facilities

Budget 2018 proposed an investment of $73.3 million to construct and operate a joint facility for Library and Archives Canada and the Ottawa Public Library.
retail real estate

REMI Network

U.S. retail real estate remains competitive

Recent analysis from MSCI finds that retail asset performance actually edged slightly ahead of non-retail assets in the 2012-2017 period.
Scarborough and Rouge Hospital

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Expansion planned for Scarborough and Rouge Hospital

The emergency department at Scarborough and Rouge Hospital’s Centenary site is set to be redeveloped and expanded to replace aging infrastructure.
Institutional investors

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Institutional investors see residential gains

This was the third consecutive year the REALPAC/IPD Canada Property Index showed improved returns on residential investment, and the second year running that residential was the top-performing property sector.
2017 investment returns

Canadian Property Management

Capital growth nudges 2017 investment returns

Robust economies in Toronto and Vancouver, a continuing slump in Calgary, retailing challenges and sustained high demand for rental housing all play into an index-wide total return of 6.7 per cent.
potential for rent growth

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Cap rates reflect potential for rent growth

An already low national multifamily cap rated nudged down a little further in the fourth quarter of 2017.
condo supply and affordability


GTA condo supply and affordability in decline

Land for high-rise condominium development was a major component of $23.5 billion in investment property sales in the Greater Toronto Area last year.
community hubs

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Ontario invests in additions and upgrades at 79 schools

Ontario is investing $784 million in 79 new and renovated schools across the province to create more licensed child care spaces.
patient tower Cardiac Intervention Unit

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Barrie hospital opens Cardiac Intervention Unit

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre opens its Cardiac Intervention Unit to provide advanced cardiac care to patients in the North Simcoe Muskoka region.
Winspear Centre

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Winspear Centre receives $2-mil federal investment

The Government of Canada is investing $2 million in the Francis Winspear Centre for Music in Edmonton through the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund.
Hospital Energy Efficiency Program

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Ontario schools to receive energy efficiency upgrades

The Ontario government is investing $200 million to provide energy efficiency upgrades at nearly 600 schools across the province.
Armand-Frappier Museum

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Federal government invests in Armand-Frappier Museum relocation

The federal government is investing $2.7 million in the relocation of the Armand-Frappier Museum to the current site of the Cosmodome in Laval, Que.
new U.S. tax rules

Canadian Property Management

New U.S. tax rules alter competitive landscape

Commercial real estate operations within Canada could experience fallout simply due to the interconnectedness of the two economies, while companies with holdings on both sides of the border may be pushed to reassess some of their financing strategies and structures.
Hospital Energy Efficiency Program

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Ontario to reinvest energy savings into patient care

Ontario is investing $64 million this year in the Hospital Energy Efficiency Program, which will help hospitals save energy and encourage the use of more renewable energy technologies.
creative hub Place des Arts du Grand Sudbury

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Cape Breton creative hub receives $5-mil federal investment

The federal government is investing $5 million to help create the Cape Breton Centre for Arts, Culture and Innovation, a new creative hub located in Sydney, N.S.