• ASHRAE fellows

    Canadians join select slate of ASHRAE Fellows

    Arthur Irwin's peers conveyed one final honour, as he was elevated to the special category of ASHRAE membership recognizing exceptional contributions to the HVAC industry and a sustainable built environment.
  • deep energy retrofit

    Deep energy retrofit a winner for Olympic Park

    An overhaul of the aging thermal plant combined with other system and equipment upgrades delivered a 31 per cent cut in energy use and a 57 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Quadrangle Ted Shore

    Ted Shore to retire from Quadrangle

    Ted Shore, a principal at Toronto-based firm Quadrangle, announced in December that he is retiring from the firm, effective January 31, 2019.

Hot Topics

  • Green Energy Repeal Act

    CDM mandate survives Green Energy Repeal Act

    Selected provisions enabling some of Ontario's key energy and water conservation programs will be transferred to the Electricity Act.
  • Smoothing of tax inequities

    REALPAC calls for smoothing of tax inequities

    An illogical quirk in the apportionment of business education tax continues to undermine competitiveness for some of Ontario's major cities, advocates for the commercial real estate sector maintain.
  • James Bay communities

    James Bay communities develop local expertise

    Energy conservation initiatives are cutting costs and supporting skills development that make health care operations more self-reliant in five James Bay communities.

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