• Dream Office

    Dream Office portfolio largest to achieve WELL Health-Safety Rating

    Office spaces across Toronto, Mississauga and Calgary have implemented a wide range of COVID-19 solutions to ensure a healthy and safe return to work.
  • Hotel deal activity projected to pick up in Q2

    More hotel deal activity projected beyond Q2

    Of the 21 transactions totalling approximately $197 million in value during the first quarter of 2021, seven properties were sold for redevelopment or conversion to other uses and three were distressed sales.
  • Modest spending outlay promised for Canadian government's own portfolio

    Modest spending outlay for federal portfolio

    The Canadian government expects to spend nearly $93 million to offset energy-related greenhouse gas emissions in its own portfolio, but $77.9 million of that is slated for unspecified “future years”.
  • Anne Marie Guevremont joins select BOMA roster

    Anne Marie Guèvremont joins select BOMA roster

    Anne Marie Guèvremont is one of four inductees to the 2021 class of BOMA Fellows, and will be among just 58 BOMA members throughout North America who have been honoured with the special credential.
  • Adeayomi Adeyemi named an IREM DISI leader

    Winnipeg multifamily manager named DISI leader

    Adeayomi Adeyemi, a community manager with Hazelview Properties, has been named one of 10 leaders for 2021 through the Institute of Real Estate Management’s diversity and inclusion succession initiative.
  • Bill Lee, founder of Lee & Associates, has died

    Lee & Associates founder dies

    Bill Lee leaves the legacy of a USD $14-billion firm with 1,300 employees in 65 locations throughout North America, including Toronto and Vancouver.

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  • Women experience vast share of 2020 real estate job loss

    Women bear brunt of 2020 real estate job loss

    Women were jettisoned from 14,300 of the roughly 16,000 positions Ontario's real estate, rental and leasing sector shed last year.
  • COVID-19 clips 2020 investment performance

    COVID-19 clips 2020 investment performance

    A ten-year run of capital growth abruptly reversed, resulting in a 7.8 per cent loss of value across the 2,356 assets that the 44 portfolios represented in the Canada Annual Property Index hold.
  • Ontario endorses competitive mechanisms to trim the price-point of energy efficiency spending

    Ontario to stretch energy efficiency spending

    A new slate of conservation and demand management (CDM) programs allocates $456 million for commercial, institutional and industrial consumers over the four-year period from 2021-24.

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