• deal-making functions

    Deal-making functions migrate to proptech

    Survey respondents foresee technology-enabled multifamily co-living will be the most significant disruptor to the status quo, while trends like office co-working, retail brandbox and industrial flex space cause upheaval in the other property sectors.
  • carbon

    B.C. pilot project benchmarks carbon emissions

    Four British Columbia Lower Mainland cities have launched a pilot project designed to help building owners and managers to benchmark carbon emissions.
  • Square One District

    Housing to launch Square One District build-out

    The first pieces of an envisioned 130-acre new mixed-use community adjoining Mississauga's Square One Shopping Centre should be underway later this year.
  • Halifax Standfield

    Halifax Stanfield prioritizes accessibility

    Halifax Stanfield International Airport has attained a Certified Gold rating through Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification, making it Nova Scotia's first Certified Gold facility.
  • Great Gulf

    Great Gulf Group appoints new CEO

    Great Gulf has appointed Ilias Konstantopoulos as the new CEO, succeeding Jerry Patava who will now chair the Great Gulf Strategic Advisory Board.
  • better country

    Building on the desire for a better country

    The buildings and design sectors are again represented in the newest slate of members of the Order of Canada, which includes a developer, a planner and an architectural glass artist.

Hot Topics

  • energy efficiency programs

    Alberta won’t rescue energy efficiency programs

    The move concludes the process begun five months ago when the newly elected United Conservative Party government repealed the carbon tax and eliminated the funding source for the incentives.
  • Climate risk profilers

    Climate risk profilers wrangle fragmented data

    A widening scope of resources can be tapped to build increasingly sophisticated risk profiles, but sustainability practitioners note that data is often fragmented and difficult to obtain.
  • Yonge Sheppard Centre

    Long-awaited revival of Yonge Sheppard Centre

    A scurry of people is criss-crossing paths in the newly renovated Yonge Sheppard Centre in North Toronto.

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