• UTSRenewalDiamondSchmittArchitects945x514

    Construction starts on University of Toronto Schools restoration

    The restoration and expansion of University of Toronto Schools (UTS) is underway as development on the project kicked off on Dec. 12, 2018.
  • unit sub-metering providers

    Unit sub-metering providers dodge OEB oversight

    In practice, the Ontario Energy Board has never exercised its authority to set electricity rates for sub-metered residential units because it has been finalizing a methodology for carrying out the new responsibility, which came into force in the spring of 2018.
  • TOBY

    Gatineau government facility wins TOBY award

    The Library and Archives Canada Preservation Centre in Gatineau, Que. was named the 2018 Outstanding Building of the Year at a recent ceremony.
  • Leadership in accessibility

    Ontario honours leadership in accessibility

    This year's recipients include three individuals who have influenced attitudes and policy, along with two GTA municipalities and two not-for-profit organizations that have implemented programs and technologies to support employees and/or clients with disabilities.
  • Canderel

    Canderel appoints Brett Miller as CEO

    The Canderel Group of Companies has appointed 30-year industry veteran Brett Miller as chief executive officer, effective February 18, 2019.
  • EFCG945X514

    EFCG announces CEO of the year

    Golder Global's president and CEO Hisham Mahmoud was honoured as the CEO of the Year by the Environmental Financial Consulting Group (EFCG).

Hot Topics

  • Smoothing of tax inequities

    REALPAC calls for smoothing of tax inequities

    An illogical quirk in the apportionment of business education tax continues to undermine competitiveness for some of Ontario's major cities, advocates for the commercial real estate sector maintain.
  • James Bay communities

    James Bay communities develop local expertise

    Energy conservation initiatives are cutting costs and supporting skills development that make health care operations more self-reliant in five James Bay communities.
  • new energy future

    21st century grid heralds a new energy future

    Data will be the golden key in the new energy future, and any company with an interest in data is already thinking about this energy future.

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