• Halifax office and industrial markets

    Challenger rising among Halifax office nodes

    The downtown office vacancy rate surpassed 20 per cent, while Dartmouth Crossing enjoyed a 768 basis point drop in vacancy, pushing the rate below 12 per cent.
  • remote witnessing now a permanent option for land registry applications in Saskatchewan

    Saskatchewan enshrines remote witnessing option

    Emergency regulations were initially intended to enable land title registry, delegation of power of attorney and filing of wills in accordance with required public health protocols.
  • Unallocated CECRA funds necessitate program extension

    Unallocated CECRA funds behind August extension

    As of July 30, it’s reported that 63,000 qualifying businesses or not-for-profit organizations had been collectively approved for about $613 million in commercial rent relief.
  • Canadians now fill half of BOMA International executive officer positions

    Canada ensures true international BOMA executive

    Canadians now fill half the executive officer positions of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International with the election of Randal Froebelius as vice chair.
  • ASHRAE society

    ASHRAE introduces society president, elected officers

    Charles E. Gulledge III has been introduced as the latest ASHRAE society president, along with executive officers and directors.
  • Canadians named ASHRAE outstanding achievers

    Canadians among ASHRAE outstanding achievers

    This year’s select group of honourees for distinguished service, exceptional service and distinguished long-term membership was announced at the Society’s annual conference, which is unfolding in a four-day virtual format.

Hot Topics

  • COVID-19 repercussions driving up global adjustment costs for commercial electricity customers

    COVID-19 incubates global adjustment 2021-22

    For Class A consumers, cost-saving potential will be diminished even if they successfully curtail demand during the five peak hours since those peaks are expected to be lower than usual.
  • Solid pre-pandemic fundamentals underpin Canadian real estate market

    Solid pre-pandemic fundamentals buttress market

    Thus far, in most markets, there’s been no spurt of office sublets or rent discounts that conventionally signify an economic downturn, but there has been a flurry of conjecture about the forces COVID-19 may have unleashed.
  • Data centres gain traffic during COVID-19 related business shutdowns

    Data centres gain traffic missing from highways

    At least 84 Canadian commercial buildings have been abuzz during protracted COVID-19-related business shutdowns. They house the data centres that have literally underpinned the continued functioning of the economy.

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