• job cuts

    Job cuts lead Newfoundland’s way forward

    Promised actions include a 10 per cent reduction in the provincial government's building footprint, beginning with the return of 40,000 square feet of leased space to the market by March 31 this year.
  • Upper Canada Mall

    Upper Canada Mall plans for $60-mil retrofit

    Oxford Properties Group plans to redevelop and expand the former Target location at Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket, Ontario.
  • energy and water reporting

    Ontario enacts energy and water reporting reg

    Ontario has now enacted its energy and water reporting and benchmarking regulation to help large buildings cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.
  • president and CEO

    FRPO appoints new president and CEO

    The Federation of Rental Housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO) is pleased to announce the appointment of Jim Murphy to the position of president and CEO.
  • Canadian engineering programs

    Laurels for Canadian engineering programs

    Engineering students and faculty from four Canadian universities receive accolades at ASHRAE's 2017 Winter Conference.
  • innovative building design

    Canada fosters innovative building design

    Two Canadian facilities are 2017 winners of ASHRAE Technology Awards for innovative building design that enables sustainable and energy-efficient operations.

Hot Topics

  • Immersive hotels

    Immersive hotels respond to desire for unique experiences

    Hospitality guests are turning to immersive hotels as they now desire a unique experience that sets them apart from their social networks.
  • real estate education

    New Canadian context for real estate education

    The newly released textbook packages universal principles and domestic context into one 500+-page compendium devised to impart a grounding in real estate fundamentals, transactions and the multidisciplinary oversight of income properties.
  • understanding-code-creep

    Understanding code creep

    Understanding code creep and why Canadian property owners need to be aware of foreign, just as much as local policy when it comes to tenant

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