• Alberta Treasury Board to resume responsibility for asset upkeep budgets

    Alberta to curb spending on asset upkeep

    The provincial government plans to allocate about $2.7 billion to capital maintenance and renewal over a three-year period, but year-over-year investment will drop 7.7 per cent from the first to third fiscal year.
  • Junction

    Marlin Spring’s mixed-use project in Junction to include condos

    Toronto-based real estate firm Marlin Spring and Hines are slated to develop a 2.8-acre property in Toronto’s Junction Triangle.
  • Nine Canadian municipalities piloted the Smart Energy Communities Benchmark

    Indicators map way for smart energy communities

    Five indicators gauge local capacity to plan and manage energy systems, and five others measure tangible outcomes in land use, energy networks, water and waste services, transportation and the building stock
  • Peter Menkes named to Order of Ontario

    Peter Menkes named to Order of Ontario

    The distinction is conferred to individuals who have made exceptional and lasting contributions to the fabric of Ontario and the well-being of Ontarians, and is the Province's highest honour.
  • ASHRAE outstanding achievers

    ASHRAE outstanding achievers named

    Individual honours conferred to four Canadian engineers include a rare appointment to the ASHRAE Hall of Fame for the late Richard Perry, P.Eng, of Vancouver.
  • Halifax Standfield

    Halifax Stanfield prioritizes accessibility

    Halifax Stanfield International Airport has attained a Certified Gold rating through Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification, making it Nova Scotia's first Certified Gold facility.

Hot Topics

  • accessibility momentum

    Accessibility tracks sustainability trajectory

    Market pressure and industry competitiveness could propel accessible commercial real estate in the coming decade, much the way those complementary forces have already bolstered energy efficiency and low-carbon footprints.
  • criminal trespass

    Alberta cracks down on criminal trespass

    Along with measures to discourage spurious lawsuits, the legislation has implications for commercial real estate operators and any organization with potential scofflaws among its employees or membership.
  • outdoor air

    IAQ standards dissect freshness of outdoor air

    Guidance related to natural ventilation, particulate filtration and compartmentalization of multi-residential HVAC systems are prominent in the list of identified "significant changes" compared to the incumbent 2016 version of the standards.

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