• Institutional investors compare 10-year Canada bond rate to real estate returns

    Bond rate signals to institutional investors

    A 100 basis point slide in the 10-year Canada bond rate over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic contributes to real estate’s continuing allure for institutional investors.
  • CERS applications to be accepted as of November 23

    CERS applications to be accepted as of Nov. 23

    Legislation to enable the Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy (CERS) received parliamentary approval late last week and an online application portal was expected to be operational for Nov. 23.
  • Proposed Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act tabled

    TCFD appears embedded in accountability Act

    Newly tabled federal legislation would commit the Canadian government to set five-year targets and report progress in reaching the stated goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.
  • GRESB separates from GBCI and seeks B-Corp status

    GRESB swaps GBCI umbrella for B-Corp status

    The global benchmark for ESG performance of commercial real estate portfolios and infrastructure investments has reacquired its independence and established a non-profit foundation to oversee standards development.
  • CREST awards celebrate sustainability gains

    CREST awards celebrate sustainability gains

    While teams are still focused on an electricity-saving target, the race2reduce, sponsored by BOMA Toronto, has now expanded its mandate to include water, gas, solid waste and overarching climate leadership.
  • New ASHRAE headquarters intended to demonstrate achievable energy performance in older existing buildings

    ASHRAE unveils energy performance role model

    The newly renovated and retrofitted 42-year-old office building is intended to embody the global society’s mandate to advance human well-being through sustainable technology in the built environment.

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  • pace retrofits

    Time to pick up the pace on building retrofits

    PACE financing is an innovative green loan instrument that can help owners with building retrofits to reduce carbon pollution.
  • property tax ratios lopsided against commercial ratepayers

    Property tax ratios epitomize commercial burden

    The commercial property tax rate is at least double the residential rate in eight of the 11 surveyed cities, with commercial ratepayers in Montreal, Toronto and Quebec City shouldering the most disproportionate shares.
  • Most U.S. markets fall short of Vancouver and Toronto in Q3 2020

    Toronto and Vancouver outdo most U.S. markets

    Canada has a numerically slight presence with disproportionate weight in Lee & Associates’ newly released third quarter commercial real estate results.

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