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    Hospital privacy curtains may harbor dangerous germs

    Privacy curtains in hospitals can become breeding grounds for resistant bacteria, posing a threat to patient safety, according to new study.
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    Fresh and Clean and DryIt: A healthy outlook

    James Lee Senter, owner of Fresh and Clean and DryIt, is among the most recognizable figures in the professional cleaning industry devoted to educating the industry on the importance of cleaning for health.
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    Preparing your facility for hurricane season

    Although hurricanes are lesser known to hit Canadian cities as hard as the United States, they can still have a significant impact on Canadian communities.

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    Waste management tips for avoiding unwanted pests

    Summer is fast-approaching, which means annoying pests will soon be out in full force. These creatures can become a problem for a facility if left unchecked.
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    Creating a lasting first impression for your facility

    A good or bad experience on a person’s first visit to a building can be the difference between a returning client or a lost opportunity. An opinion is formed within seconds of an individual walking through your doors and the scent that greets their nostrils will go a long way to deciding whether that opinion is positive or negative.
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    More hospitals introduce antimicrobial copper

    Hospitals have a potent, new tool in their mission to improve patient health and safety. It also happens to be the one of the oldest metals known to man - copper.

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