• Ignition risks of flammable refrigerants

    Ignition risks of flammable refrigerants probed

    Refrigerant leaks could be particularly problematic in reach-in or walk-in coolers since flammable concentrations could build in these confined spaces and disperse outward when the door is opened.
  • baby changing

    Cleaning baby changing stations

    Baby changing tables in public restrooms across Canada are often difficult to find, but many facilities are stepping up.
  • norovirus

    Simple steps to handle norovirus incidents

    Norovirus illness can happen all year long and is easily spread in group settings like schools, day camps, childcare facilities and cruise ships.

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  • digital real estate

    New technology advances safety management

    Information technology is safety management, with rapid advances in cloud computing and data management technologies.
  • restoring power

    Restoring power to electrical systems post flood

    Flooding heightens the risk of occupational electrical-related fatalities and injuries when restoring power to electrical systems.
  • building services

    Building services seen as precarious employment

    Cleaners, security guards, parking attendants and building-specific food service workers could attain union certification through a streamlined one-step process if proposed amendments to Ontario's Labour Relations Act are adopted.

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