• baby changing

    Cleaning baby changing stations

    Baby changing tables in public restrooms across Canada are often difficult to find, but many facilities are stepping up.
  • norovirus

    Simple steps to handle norovirus incidents

    Norovirus illness can happen all year long and is easily spread in group settings like schools, day camps, childcare facilities and cruise ships.
  • retail maintenance

    Cost-cutting services for retail maintenance

    The Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association outlines best practices and tools to reduce retail maintenance costs and improve operating efficiency.

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  • custodial injuries

    Hidden costs of custodial injuries

    Cleaning contractors and facility managers that hire their own cleaning staff are often not aware of hidden costs that can result from custodial injuries.
  • pests

    No vacancy for pests in hotels

    With the right strategy in place, hotels can put out the “no vacancy” sign for pests and help ensure guests have a pleasant stay.
  • hospital upgrades

    Utility savings fund Saskatoon hospital upgrades

    After completing significant hospital upgrades last year, Royal University Hospital is now doubling the expected savings from energy improvements.

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