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National housing starts trend down in August

The national trend in housing starts continued its downward path in August compared to the historical peak recorded in March 2018, reports CMHC.
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National housing starts trend down in July

The national trend in housing starts declined slightly to 219,988 units in July 2018, down from 221,738 units in June 2018, according to CMHC.
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National housing market remains highly vulnerable: CMHC

Canada’s overall housing market remains highly vulnerable, mostly due to evidence of overvaluation and price acceleration, finds CMHC.
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Services and amenities for aging Canadians

Planning to build a retirement home? CMHC recommends developers consider the following key factors before investing in on-site services and amenities.
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Financing the Future: $3.75 Billion in Loans to Build Rental Housing

Having a stable supply of rental housing is critical to our nation’s housing future. That’s where the Rental Construction Financing Initiative comes in.
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National housing starts trend down in May

The trend in housing starts was 216,362 units in May 2018, down from 225,481 units in April 2018, reports Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.
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CMHC delivers results for Q1 2018

CMHC released its Q1 2018 financial report in late May, recapping its contributions to the Canadian housing markets and support to Canadians in housing need.
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Canadian housing starts trend stable in March

According to CMHC, March 2018 delivered stable housing starts with 226,842 units compared to 225,804 units in February.
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Federal budget boosts rental housing loan fund

The 2018 federal budget commits $1.25 billion over three years to the Rental Construction Financing Initiative, providing low-cost 10-year loans for municipalities, not-for-profit and private sector developers.

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Non-resident ownership of condo apartments remains low

According to a new report from CMHC, the share of condominium apartments owned by non-residents remains low in the 17 Canadian Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs) surveyed.
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Rental supply shortages fuel demand

According to CMHC's 2017 Rental Market Survey, the average vacancy rate for purpose-built rental apartment units across Canada decreased from 3.7 per cent in October 2016 to 3.0 per cent in October 2017.
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Focus on Affordable Housing

First National's Daniel Bragagnolo discusses the financing complexities of affordable housing and the advantages of CMHC's new Flex Program.
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National Housing Strategy Roundtable seeks expert input

Housing experts and stakeholders recently met with Minister Duclos at a National Housing Strategy Expert Roundtable in Ottawa on October 5.

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Why CMHC’s policy changes are positive for borrowers

This summer, the CMHC rolled out a series of policy changes that have changed the game for mortgage loan insurance for multi-unit residential properties.
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Rental housing complex breaks ground in Saskatoon

Construction has started on a new 26-unit affordable rental housing project in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
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National housing starts trend higher in April

Housing starts are trending upward at 213,768 units in April 2017, compared to 210,702 units in March, according to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.
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Problematic market conditions persist: CMHC

Despite showing some signs of improvement, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation continues to hold the overall rating of the nation’s housing market at “strong evidence of problematic conditions.”