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Maximizing efficiency and minimizing risk for landlord and tenant insurance policies

Tenant insurance goes beyond coverage of a rental property’s contents—it also protects against unforeseen events and liability.
decarbonizing MURBs

Decarbonizing Existing Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

Mohammed Fakoor, Associate at RJC Engineers, discusses the importance of decarbonizing existing MURBs on Canada's path to net zero.

2023 marks the 10-year anniversary of the launch of Canadian content in ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®.

Natural Resources Canada Developed and released in 2000 by the United States (US) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager is the industry standard

Best Practices for Controlling Cockroaches in Multi-Residential Buildings

The German cockroach may only live for three or four months, but during that short time, a female will lay over 200 eggs and is

Dynamic approach to apartment pest management

In the world of pest control, no two multi-residential buildings are the same. Every apartment is home to unique communities, living spaces, public areas, and

Parkades in the EV Era

Building Code requirements may soon be changing to address design loads for parkades, particularly as electric pick-ups and SUVs begin flooding the market.

An Amazing Opportunity to Engage Your Residents: The Conscious-Living Giveaway Returns

Over the next 25 years, building owners and managers will become increasingly responsible for green initiatives as part of each property’s operational mandate. According to
facility manager B&M

Getting the Most from Your Facility

Joe Laine, Operations Manager at Black & McDonald, explains why facility owners should enlist the support of a trusted multi-trade service provider.

Pest management insights from the pandemic

The pandemic has been a proving ground for every trade. That includes the pest management sector, where unique circumstances and heightened infestation risks have kept even the pros on their toes.
tenant screening

Tenant screening doesn’t have to be complicated

As a residential real estate owner and operator, your business can live and die by the experience it provides for your tenants, and vice versa.
Hwisel EV

Preparing for the EV onslaught

Most high-rise apartments today are underequipped to meet the current level of EV need, let alone what is projected. Is your property is EV-ready?
Canadian Certified Rental Building Program

Canadian Certification Program for renters and property managers unveiled in Edmonton and Northern Alberta

This September, Kelson Group became the first property management company in Edmonton and Northern Alberta to have its multifamily apartment buildings recognized under the Canadian
buyback program

An equipment buyback program to help boost your bottom line

Reliance offers a buyback and rental program designed to help you make the most out of your operation.
zero carbon Victoria

Certified Rental Building Program goes national

FRPO's Certified Rental Building Program (CRBP) is now a national brand, known as the "Canadian Certified Rental Building Program".

A one-point equipment solution for your facility

You need to be able to count on your equipment, and that's where Reliance comes in.
building envelope

The 6 Principles of Sustainable Building Envelope Design

Sustainable building envelope design offers long-lasting environmental benefits while improving occupant comfort. Here are six principles all designers and building operators should adhere to.

Unlock free building energy with AI

There’s free energy to be harnessed from every building. The trick is taking advantage of thermodynamics through artificial intelligence (AI). It may sound like science