Fair Housing Plan

Ontario’s Fair Housing Plan: The Impact on Ontario Apartment Owners

In this article we highlight the major items from the Fair Housing Plan, review the details contained in Bill 124, and discuss the importance of apartment owners retaining the right for vacancy decontrol.
electric vehicle

Taking Charge in the Age of EVs

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is here; and with it, a demand for property stakeholders to accommodate a growing volume of plugged-in commuters.
affordable housing

Focus on Affordable Housing

First National's Daniel Bragagnolo discusses the financing complexities of affordable housing and the advantages of CMHC's new Flex Program.
elevator repairs

Bill 109 Proposes Strict Rules for Elevator Professionals

A new private members bill is gaining traction on Parliament Hill that, if passed, will hold elevator contractors more liable for the state of elevator repairs.

Why CMHC’s policy changes are positive for borrowers

This summer, the CMHC rolled out a series of policy changes that have changed the game for mortgage loan insurance for multi-unit residential properties.

Taking Energy-Saving Actions for Ontario’s Cap and Trade

In 2017, the province of Ontario advanced its role in the fight against climate change with the launch of its provincial cap and trade program.
single speed elevators

Single Speed Elevators Holding Property Owners at Risk

New directives by the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) are placing greater liability on property owners with legacy elevator technology.
First National

Q&A: Knowing Your Apartment Funding Options

These are opportune times for apartment builders, and ones that require a nuanced understanding of the markets and respective lending options.
construction financing

Rental Construction Financing

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has $2.5 billion available in lower cost loans for rental construction financing.

What Apartment Owners Look For in a Lender

First National's Robert Fleet and Peter Cook have some advice for apartment owners that are looking for a lender for their property.
How to invest for success in a hot rental market.

How to Invest for Success in a Hot Rental Market

“The rise of permanent renters," has ignited a hot rental market for apartment buildings. However, investor demand far exceeds supply.

Affordable Housing Crisis Sparks Innovation

New funding models and innovative building techniques are expected to revolutionize the affordable housing sector in Canada.

Building from the Ground Up: A Great Foundation for Investors

After a lack of new construction for many years, market conditions have set the stage for a fresh wave of apartment development.

Why Savvy Investors Should Take a Look at Apartment Buildings

Uncertain economic times and a saturated condo market in Canada’s urban centres have prompted more commercial real estate investors to consider purpose-built apartment buildings as a savvy, safe investment.
cash flow

Understanding the Importance of Cash Flow

Brian Kimmel, Assistant VP of Commercial Financing at First National, explains why cash flow can be a fairly misunderstood concept, especially among novice investors.
fire safety

Post-Fire Restoration

For residents of a three-storey apartment building in North Vancouver, December 7th, 2011 was just like any other day—that is, until a fire broke out
Luxurious living room with with television set

Higher Rents, Better Returns

Many apartment owners often wonder about strategies that they can use to justify higher rents in their buildings. They are often looking for a way