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    Michigan prison to treat 2000 inmates for scabies

    Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility, a Michigan women's prison has been closed to visitors to treat a scabies outbreak that has afflicted the inmate population for more than a year.
  • city momentum index

    India and China dominate city momentum index

    Socio-economic and real estate market trends are analyzed to gauge the pace at which cities are attracting people, companies and capital.
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    BOMA BEST certifies first building In Mexico

    The BOMA BEST Sustainable Buildings Certification program is dedicated to assisting property managers and building operators improve their buildings’ environmental performance.

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  • parcel delivery

    How to handle an influx of packages

    As the volume of online purchases grows, the need for an effective parcel delivery system is vital, especially for online shoppers living in condos.
  • suburban office parks

    Mixed uses to ease into suburban office parks

    The new policy would give developers a basis to challenge any local government's veto of non-employment land uses in suburban office parks.
  • safety compliance

    Safety compliance for condo corporations

    As employers, condo corporations can be prosecuted under the ‘general duty’ clause, even when complying with OHSA safety compliance regulations.

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