• illegal evictions COVID-19

    New York State cracks down on illegal evictions

    Rising concerns in New York State over illegal evictions during the lockdown period has prompted the Attorney General to beef up provisions aimed at protecting vulnerable tenants.
  • fossil-fuel-fired generators tumble offline during global COVID-19 outbreak

    Fossil-fuel-fired generators tumble offline

    Renewable energy advocates see opportunities to accelerate 2019 trends, when, for the first time ever, low-carbon options surpassed coal as a source of electricity.
  • Short-term rental providers switch pursue longer term leases as COVID-19 halts travel and globetrotting young professionals

    European landlords pursue longer term leases

    Short-term rental housing providers in major European cities are now pursuing local tenants and advertising more mid- and long-term availabilities as a hedge against slumping international travel.

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  • On the road to recovery

    New data from Altus Group, Morguard, and Rentals.ca show a slump in sales and declining rental rates as we ease our way down the road to recovery.
  • Public transit wariness

    Public transit wariness makes the core edgy

    Commuters’ willingness to jump on the bus, light-rail car or subway is expected to be a driving factor in repopulating office space in some major North American markets, including Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.
  • social spaces

    Curating social spaces in 2020

    Humans are naturally social creatures. So why shouldn’t our built environment be designed to accommodate and encourage this natural state of being?

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