• London Frankfurt

    Investors weigh London and Frankfurt prospects

    Investment activity in London dipped dramatically in the lead-up to last June's Brexit referendum, but still outdistanced transaction value in Frankfurt, the presumed top rival for Europe's financial market business.
  • antimicrobial resistance

    Global leaders vow action on antimicrobial resistance

    World leaders pledged a stronger commitment address antimicrobial resistance, during the high-level meeting on AMR at the 71st UN General Assembly.
  • panorama of Stockholm, Sweden

    District energy lowers GHG output in Sweden

    Sweden's approach to greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction has been deemed a fitting, albeit challenging, example for Canada to emulate.

Hot Topics

  • telecom

    CRTC decision addresses telecom access in condos

    Let a fourth telecommunications service provider in, or risk losing all Internet access. That was the headline version of an Aug. 15 Canadian Radio-television and
  • property housing house market investment price value

    Furor over MPAC multi-res cap rates predicted

    Assessment notices for nearly 16,000 Ontario multi-residential properties will be mailed out next week, delivering valuations determined for the first time with the newly adopted direct capitalization methodology.
  • treadmill desks

    Treadmill desks gain traction in the workplace

    Just as the height-adjustable desk rose to the challenge of fighting sitting as the new smoking, due to the negative health effects of sedentary work, the treadmill desk is adding movement to the mix.

Must Reads

  • mixed-use

    Mixed-use project begins to rise in Winnipeg

    Ground has broken on a mixed-use project to be located at Winnipeg’s Confusion Corner, a site that receives more daily traffic than any other in the city.
  • GDI

    Park Lawn and Mattamy enter joint venture

    Park Lawn announced it has entered a joint venture with Mattamy Development Corporation for the development of the property at 57 Linelle Street, Toronto.
  • rsz_mailboxes

    Two-tier postal service will favour multi-res

    Apartment dwellers will be the comparative winners when the phase-out of home delivery forces single-family householders out into the elements to collect their mail.