• AHRI China office

    AHRI announces opening of office in China

    The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) has announced the opening of its first office outside North America in Hefei, China.
  • LED incentives

    LED incentives still relevant in U.S. market

    Halogen and incandescent bulbs still garner strong sales for residential purposes, while LEDs are gaining market share through displacement of compact fluorescent lamps.
  • looming multifamily exodus

    U.S. birth data hints looming multifamily exodus

    U.S. housing analysts are drawing links between the rising age of first-time mothers and the country's vibrant multifamily apartment market in recent years.

Hot Topics

  • Smart tech

    Smart tech enhances restroom maintenance

    Intelligent new technology is revolutionizing restroom maintenance in Canada and improving overall user experience and satisfaction
  • pest control

    Advances in pest control could help condos

    Several recent advances in pest control could help condo managers combat the bed bugs, flies, others insects and rodents that can invade their properties.
  • zero carbon

    Moving toward a zero carbon economy

    In a changing world where “zero carbon” is the ultimate goal in building design, can retrofits alone make Canada’s aging apartment stock sustainable?

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