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  • Robson Street GWLRA

    Rise of the Robson Street corridor

    GWLRA has purchased two adjacent sites on Vancouver's famed Robson Street with zoning for 400 rental units and 40,000 square feet of retail.
  • west end vancouver

    Resolvable barriers still impede accessibility

    The building features that most commonly impede people with disabilities are not those that are the costliest or most structurally complicated to correct, new survey findings show.
  • Ontario retailers probe alcohol sales viability

    Ontario retailers ponder alcohol sales viability

    Leases and logistics will be major factors in whether Ontario retailers can act on pending flexibility to sell beer, wine, cider and ready-to-drink alcohol-infused beverages in grocery and convenience stores.

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  • Prized office tenant steps up green demands

    Prized office tenant steps up green demands

    Ottawa landlords are contemplating a list of new expectations from a prized office tenant following recently announced updates to the federal government’s green operations strategy.
  • Capital gains tax adjustment unnerves CRE

    Capital gains tax adjustment unnerves CRE

    The jump in the capital gains inclusion rate is expected to have an immediate impact on property sales, while being factored into longer term asset management and investment decisions.
  • Making a case for micro-unit apartments

    As housing affordability and climate concerns continue to reach crisis levels, micro units are emerging as a promising, low-cost solution thanks to innovative design concepts improving interior efficiencies.