• U.S. Department of Energy continues to delay required updates of energy efficiency standards

    U.S. energy efficiency standards languishing

    Potential litigants filed a 60-day notice of intent to sue, urging U.S. Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette to move forward with reviews and/or amendments of standards related to 25 categories of consumer, commercial and industrial products.
  • Construction firm pays settlement to workers subjected to severe sexual harassment

    Severe sexual harassment found on NYC jobsites

    A construction firm in New York City will pay a USD $1.5 million settlement and undergo three years of outside monitoring following the State Attorney General’s investigation of sexual harassment complaints.
  • illegal evictions COVID-19

    New York State cracks down on illegal evictions

    Rising concerns in New York State over illegal evictions during the lockdown period has prompted the Attorney General to beef up provisions aimed at protecting vulnerable tenants.

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  • Many hydro accounts for common areas in large multi-residential buildings will no longer qualify for the Ontario Electricity Rebate as of November 2020

    Ontario Electricity Rebate applied unevenly

    Many hydro accounts specifically tied to the common areas of multi-residential buildings will no longer qualify for the 31.8 per cent rebate beginning in November 2020.
  • condos

    Condos see ‘significant shift’ in operations

    There is a significant shift in the way condo corporations are managing common elements, noisy neighbours and condo meetings.
  • community centres

    Community centres redefined for a new era

    How to socially distance in spaces charged for social interactions? This is just one challenge facing community centres as they prepare for reopening—bit by bit—across

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