• Four Canadian pension plans rank in global top 10 for value of their infrastructure holdings

    Infrastructure holdings back Canadian pensions

    Four Canadian pension plans rank in the global top 10 for value of their infrastructure holdings and also stand out for more sizeable quotients of infrastructure in their total assets.
  • Berlin

    Berlin votes to socialize 240,000 rental properties

    In a referendum held in Berlin, residents have voted in favour of socializing over 240,000 rental properties currently owned and managed by private real estate firms.
  • low-income housing award

    U.S. low-income housing developer honoured by ULI

    U.S. developer Jonathan F.P. Rose, known for raising the bar for low-income housing, was recently awarded the Urban Land Institute's "Prize for Visionaries in Urban Development".

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  • Property tax premiums loom for non-resident purchasers and owners of Nova Scotia residential properties

    Property tax premiums loom in Nova Scotia

    Nova Scotia’s new provincial government is signalling looming surcharges for residential property purchasers and owners who pay their income tax in other jurisdictions.
  • climate action dividends projected for real estate

    Real estate could reap climate action dividends

    The global urgency for climate action has an upside companion in global opportunities for strategic investment that could improve people’s lives and yield sustainable returns.
  • pandemic

    Pandemic expands an aging workforce

    The pandemic is pushing people to reconsider their post-work-life ambitions.

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