• Provinces offer few energy efficiency programs for low-income households

    Low-income households foiled on energy savings

    Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia are the top spenders to alleviate energy cost pressures on low-income households among Canadian provinces.
  • accessible homes

    New standard for accessible homes announced

    The a new, national standard for affordable, adaptable and accessible homes will form the foundation of a new Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification module.
  • Institutional investors compare 10-year Canada bond rate to real estate returns

    Bond rate signals to institutional investors

    A 100 basis point slide in the 10-year Canada bond rate over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic contributes to real estate’s continuing allure for institutional investors.
  • Mayors target embodied carbon in construction projects

    Mayors target embodied carbon in construction

    The mayors of Budapest, Los Angeles. Mexico City and Oslo are the first signatories of a new declaration targeting a 50 per cent reduction in carbon emissions from construction projects by 2030.
  • Insurtech products gain market in Hong Kong

    Asia-Pacific provides climate for insurtech

    Smart technology and climate volatility underpin emergent property insurance products and the growing demand for them in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Canadian researchers among 25 global Green Talents

    Canadian researchers among global Green Talents

    Germany’s federal Ministry of Education and Research has named 25 Green Talents for 2020, chosen from an international field of scholars in the early stages of careers in sustainability sciences.

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  • CERS draft legislation outlines new commercial rent relief program

    CERS draft legislation awaits adoption

    CERS will deliver direct rent support to qualifying tenants without the need to work though their landlords. As a direct subsidy, unlike CECRA, no loan agreement is required.
  • Niagara Welland Commons

    Niagara Welland Commons comes to light

    Crafted into a mix of interconnected brick buildings circa 1970, Niagara Welland Commons brings natural light to a decades-old campus.
  • insurance

    Canada’s condo insurance crisis

    Impacts of the hard insurance market are trickling into condominium corporations across Canada, challenging boards and managers in their wake.

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