• retail appraisals

    Deal values stay in line with retail appraisals

    Transaction data from 2018 direct sales does not validate grumbling about the dissonance between REIT pricing and the appraised values of retail properties.
  • Apartments

    Rental prices leveling out in major European cities

    After continuous, and sometimes steep, increases in rent in major European cities over the past few years, prices seem to have plateaued and are leveling out this quarter, according to a new report from HousingAnywhere.
  • Global Property Index

    Canada inconspicuous in Global Property Index

    The 2018 total return on Canadian real estate assets was in the back half of the pack among 25 national markets, but Canada is part of a smaller group of 12 that can boast an improvement over 2017 results.

Hot Topics

  • scrutiny of accessibility

    Ontario aims to relax scrutiny of accessibility

    A spokesperson for the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing says the underlying principle of improving accessibility will be maintained, and connects the revisions to the government's commitment to cut red tape that is slowing down the production of new housing.
  • property tax breaks

    Alberta enables long-term property tax breaks

    Newly adopted amendments to Alberta's Municipal Government Act extend provisions that were initially devised to support the rejuvenation of derelict brownfields to all non-residential properties.
  • energy exposure

    Energy exposure fuels Calgary office woes

    Energy firms drove Calgary office leasing deals in the first quarter of 2019, but in a way that had few landlords celebrating. The largest transactions involved companies relocating and downsizing into smaller spaces.

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