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    BOMA BEST certifies first building In Mexico

    The BOMA BEST Sustainable Buildings Certification program is dedicated to assisting property managers and building operators improve their buildings’ environmental performance.
  • combustible cladding ban

    UK combustible cladding ban has loopholes

    Builders can use combustible cladding, including on later phases of a multi-building project, if they begin foundation work on a construction site before the last week of February 2019.
  • earth

    Global green building activity continues to rise

    Recent industry research shows green building in 19 countries is poised for strong, rapid growth over the next three years.

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  • move

    The workplace move: An impetus for change

    There are few opportunities for organizations as great as the workplace move, where it can begin anew in fresh, new premises.
  • pest

    Five tips for keeping pests off condo properties

    Taking proactive steps can help keep unwanted pests out of condo buildings, saving the time and money involved in treating infestations.
  • Hamilton

    Addressing sub-standard rental housing

    Hamilton-area landlords are speaking out after city councillors voted to move ahead on a rental housing licensing pilot affecting properties with six or fewer units. If approved, landlords will be required to obtain a rental housing license for $200.

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