• Electrical equipment distributor to divest Canadian utility and data communication divisions

    Electrical equipment conglomerate to divest

    The Competition Bureau negotiated the terms of agreement to address concerns that one company would gain predominant market share, driving up prices for key components of electricity transmission/distribution systems and telecommunications networks.
  • resilient infrastructure pandemic

    Feds offer $3.3 billion for pandemic resilient projects

    The federal government has announced a $3.3-billion COVID-19 infrastructure program to help communities respond to the global pandemic.
  • Unallocated CECRA funds necessitate program extension

    Unallocated CECRA funds behind August extension

    As of July 30, it’s reported that 63,000 qualifying businesses or not-for-profit organizations had been collectively approved for about $613 million in commercial rent relief.
  • Construction firm pays settlement to workers subjected to severe sexual harassment

    Severe sexual harassment found on NYC jobsites

    A construction firm in New York City will pay a USD $1.5 million settlement and undergo three years of outside monitoring following the State Attorney General’s investigation of sexual harassment complaints.
  • illegal evictions COVID-19

    New York State cracks down on illegal evictions

    Rising concerns in New York State over illegal evictions during the lockdown period has prompted the Attorney General to beef up provisions aimed at protecting vulnerable tenants.
  • fossil-fuel-fired generators tumble offline during global COVID-19 outbreak

    Fossil-fuel-fired generators tumble offline

    Renewable energy advocates see opportunities to accelerate 2019 trends, when, for the first time ever, low-carbon options surpassed coal as a source of electricity.

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  • condos

    Condos see ‘significant shift’ in operations

    There is a significant shift in the way condo corporations are managing common elements, noisy neighbours and condo meetings.
  • community centres

    Community centres redefined for a new era

    How to socially distance in spaces charged for social interactions? This is just one challenge facing community centres as they prepare for reopening—bit by bit—across
  • Bill 184

    The pros and cons of Bill 184

    Ontario’s Bill 184 has raised the ire of tenant advocacy groups over concerns it will drive renters further into debt while making evictions easier for landlords.

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