Risk Management


Canadian Facility Management & Design

Re-visiting office ergonomics for a safe return

For employees transitioning daily between different workstations, management may want to standardize equipment so employees can easily learn how to adjust equipment and not have to relearn each workstation type.
Risk assessment tool for the pandemic's late stages

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Risk assessment for the pandemic’s late stages

A three-minute assessment exercise helps users identify and minimize exposure risks at a time when rules are changing, more people are returning to public venues and it is not easily apparent who has been fully vaccinated.
Ontario insolvencies drop in 2020

Canadian Property Management

Pandemic relief defrays Ontario insolvencies

Low interest rates, flexibility to defer payments and various government-funded programs synergized into what are characterized as “exceptional” circumstances in a recessionary period.
Simple computer passwords are standard in most industry sectors

Canadian Property Management

Real estate opts for simple computer passwords

Analysis of more than 162,000 publicly reported data breaches at major real estate firms finds that “password”, “123456” and some variation of a company’s name are ensconced favourites.
self-isolation facilities

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Self-isolation centres get funding injection

The initiative ties in with Ontario’s high-priority community strategy, which earmarks designated neighbourhoods in the Greater Toronto Area and Ottawa for a targeted intensified response to COVID-19.
Slow pace of radon testing in New Brunswick public housing draws Auditor General's attention

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Sluggish radon testing decried in New Brunswick

At the current pace, New Brunswick Auditor General Kim Adair-MacPherson calculates it will take nearly 23 years to complete radon testing in the provincial public housing portfolio.
Climate risk infuses real estate investment agendas

Canadian Property Management

Climate risk infuses investment agendas

Canadian commercial real estate assets are comparatively less exposed to the dire physical threats that extreme weather poses or has already served up in other global regions.
pandemic response

REMI Network

Auditing a condo’s pandemic response

In the thick of a second wave, industry members are more aware of the foresight required of them, prompting recent questions about pandemic response.
workplace cleaning

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Providing cleanliness and confidence in the workplace

It’s more crucial than ever for organizations to provide clean, safe, and healthy environments for those returning to the workplace amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Fire code updates demand ongoing vigilance

Canadian Property Management

Fire code updates demand steady upkeep

Although they increasingly rely on professional service providers to keep up with the complexities of compliance, owners/managers ultimately carry the responsibility for life safety and bear the brunt of enforcement.


Inside one condo board’s COVID-19 response

In February, before the WHO declared a global pandemic, talk among the condo board at Palace Pier was of various news reports piling in.
COVID-19 related investment announced in fall economic statement

Canadian Property Management

COVID-19 related investment unveiled

The commercial real estate, facilities management and construction/retrofit sectors appear poised to capture a share of the spending announced in the Canadian government’s fall economic statement.
GRESB adjusts 2020 path for benchmarking ESG performance

Canadian Property Management

GRESB adjusts 2020 path to the stars

More than 50 per cent of participating Canadian portfolios were grouped in the top two brackets of results, with 11 earning 5-star status and six attaining a 4-star rating.
Proposed Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act tabled

Canadian Property Management

TCFD appears embedded in accountability Act

Newly tabled federal legislation would commit the Canadian government to set five-year targets and report progress in reaching the stated goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.
Insurtech products gain market in Hong Kong

REMI Network

Asia-Pacific provides climate for insurtech

Smart technology and climate volatility underpin emergent property insurance products and the growing demand for them in the Asia-Pacific region.
New tax credit could apply on eligible common area upgrades


New tax credit may apply on common area upgrades

The one-time tax credit applies on eligible capital improvements made in 2021 to safeguard seniors and enable mobility and independence within their current principal residence.
direct subsidies to help tenants and business owners cover fixed property expenses

Canadian Property Management

New subsidy tagged for fixed property expenses

Qualifying commercial tenants and businesses operating in owned premises will be eligible for direct subsidies of up to 65 per cent of their fixed property expenses through the new Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy.