• Vancouver-modular-housing

    Vancouver’s first temporary modular housing

    Completion of Vancouver’s first modular housing development at 220 Terminal Avenue was celebrated in late February. The innovative project helps to address the affordable housing
  • HCMA-welcomes-three-new-principals

    HCMA welcomes three new principals

    HCMA Architecture + Design in Vancouver welcomes three new principals – Paul Fast, Michael Henderson and Melissa Higgs. The three new principals are already integral and
  • diamond-schmitt-opens-Vancouver-studio

    Diamond Schmitt opens Vancouver studio

    Toronto-based Diamond Schmitt Architects has announced the opening of its new studio at 1500 West Georgia Street in downtown Vancouver. Ana Maria Llanos, senior associate
  • 2017-top-design-trends

    Top 2017 design trends

    According to the Interior Design Show, the following will be the top 10 design trends for 2017 inspiring the direction of design for the year
  • touchless-technology-in-the kitchen

    Touchless technology in the kitchen

    Hands-free technology has taken off in residential kitchens. Hands-free faucets (also known as touchless faucets, electronic faucets, or motion-sensing faucets) continue to evolve and gain
  • Certainteed

    CertainTeed Listening Lounge helps commercial building design

    The CertainTeed Listening Lounge, a virtual sound modeling tool, lets someone hear how ceiling design, materials and products can impact a room's acoustics.

Hot Topics

  • redesigning-the-dining-experience

    Redesigning the dining experience

    With time comes change and innovation. For the beloved 35-year-old west coast based restaurant Earls, time brought a one-off prototype concept designed to transform the
  • modernizing-a-clothing-store-brand

    Modernizing a clothing store brand

    When Citizen Clothing relocated to Victoria’s downtown core, they wanted a fresh look that stepped away from its previous vintage industrial space. Delivering a modern
  • unique-and-functional-faucets

    Unique and functional faucets

    Plumbing fixture stores today are showcasing numerous lavatory sinks in different shapes and dimensions. To complement the many forms, faucet manufacturers have stepped forward and