• 2017-top-design-trends

    Top 2017 design trends

    According to the Interior Design Show, the following will be the top 10 design trends for 2017 inspiring the direction of design for the year
  • touchless-technology-in-the kitchen

    Touchless technology in the kitchen

    Hands-free technology has taken off in residential kitchens. Hands-free faucets (also known as touchless faucets, electronic faucets, or motion-sensing faucets) continue to evolve and gain
  • Certainteed

    CertainTeed Listening Lounge helps commercial building design

    The CertainTeed Listening Lounge, a virtual sound modeling tool, lets someone hear how ceiling design, materials and products can impact a room's acoustics.

Hot Topics

  • virtual-conversations

    Virtual conversations

    There’s always uncertainty in how a client will interpret an imagined space and that is why virtual reality is becoming an increasingly important tool to
  • kitchen-lighting-is-about-mixing-it-up

    Kitchen lighting is about mixing it up

    When choosing lighting for a kitchen, one of the most commonly asked questions is, “Will this fixture give off enough light?” The kitchen is an
  • redesigning-the-dining-experience

    Redesigning the dining experience

    With time comes change and innovation. For the beloved 35-year-old west coast based restaurant Earls, time brought a one-off prototype concept designed to transform the

Must Reads

  • ada_bonini

    IDC elects new president

    Ada Bonini, principal of Bob’s Your Uncle Design Ltd. in Vancouver, is the new president of the Interior Designers of Canada (IDC).