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Heat is on for electricity demand projections

Electricity demand projections through the vaccination rollout period should take two contradictory factors into account, energy management specialists affirm.
off-reserve dwellings

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Off-reserve dwellings to get energy attention

Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services is launching an energy consulting team to work with First Nations, Inuit and Métis property managers and tenants in off-reserve dwellings.
Commercial electricity customers get more presence on IESO stakeholder advisory committee

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New voices for commercial electricity customers

Commercial electricity customers will get more presence among Ontario consumer groups when two new appointees join the Independent Electricity System Operator’s stakeholder advisory committee this spring.


Gaps flagged in new CDM programs

After 2022, companies must use their own funds to reimburse embedded energy managers, but will be offered “an enhanced level of technical support and resources.” It's a move some see as more short-sighted.
Ontario endorses competitive mechanisms to trim the price-point of energy efficiency spending

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Ontario to stretch energy efficiency spending

A new slate of conservation and demand management (CDM) programs allocates $456 million for commercial, institutional and industrial consumers over the four-year period from 2021-24.
summer peak demand unexpected in electricity system models


COVID-19 confounds electricity system models

After scrambling to recalibrate their models in the early days of COVID-19-related shutdowns, analysts with Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator faced more uncharted territory when the hot weather arrived.
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Global adjustment status quo foreseen into 2020

The current formula for allocating global adjustment costs is generally thought to be locked in for at least another year. Changes in the conservation and demand management regime are unfolding more rapidly.
demand response

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Debunking Common Misconceptions About Ontario’s Demand Response Program

Ontario’s demand response program, which pays large energy users to reduce consumption in emergency situations, recently reached an important milestone.

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Smart grid enables electricity demand response

Through a soon-to-be-launched demand response (DR) pilot program, Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) will assess the potential for reducing energy loads during periods of peak demand.