Greg Romundt

Student housing trends in Canada

Greg Romundt of Centurion Asset Management outlines the latest student housing trends, providing snapshots of the Canadian and US markets.
Peter Mills

Saving energy in apartment buildings

This video report discusses how property owners and managers can start saving energy, and money, in apartment buildings. Commentator: Peter Mills of Wyse Meter Solutions.
Mark Kenney

Apartment profitability: risks and opportunities

This video report discusses the main risks to apartment profitability in today's market. Commentator: CAPREIT's Mark Kenney.

Canadian apartment investment

This video report looks at recent apartment market activity and what new opportunities exist within the Canadian multi-residential sector. Commentator: Aik Aliferis of Primecorp Commercial Realty Inc.

Landlord licensing bylaws

This video report looks at landlord licensing bylaws and their impact. Commentators: Joe Hoffer of Cohen Highly LLP and the Hamilton & District Apartment Association's Arun Pathak.

Rent control

This video report looks at rent control, and how new and existing mandates will affect building owners' properties. Commentators: FRPO's Mike Chopowick and Heather Waese of SPAR Property Paralegal Professional Corp.
Mark Kenney and Steven Gross

Repositioning a property

This video report looks at how retrofitting a property can increase occupancy, rents and asset value. Commentators: Mark Kenney of CAPREIT and Steven Gross of Bentall Kennedy (Canada) LP.
Tom Halinski & Graeme Stewart

A new approach to zoning apartment buildings

This video report looks at a new approach to zoning Toronto's apartment buildings. Commentators: Tom Halinski, a partner at Aird & Berlis LLP, and Graeme Stewart, associate and project lead for Tower Renewal, ERA Architects Inc.
Benjamin Tal & Ted Tsiakopoulos

“Realty” check

This video report looks at how the apartment market performed in 2012, and the outlook for 2013. Commentators: CIBC's deputy chief economist, Benjamin Tal, and CMHC's Ontario regional economist, Ted Tsiakopoulos.
Derek Lobo & Brian McCauley

New apartment construction

This video report looks at the need for new apartment construction. Commentators: Rock Advisors' chairman and CEO, Derek Lobo, and Concert Properties' president and COO, Brian McCauley.
Ted Whitehead & Gloria Mogavero

Inside the Certified Rental Building program

This video report looks at the Certified Rental Building program. Commentators: FRPO's director of certification for the Certified Rental Building program, Ted Whitehead, and Greenrock Property Management's CEO, Gloria Mogavero.
Colin Halliwell & Kris Boyce

Capturing the seniors and student market

This video report addresses why it's a good time to break into the seniors and student housing market. Commentators: Amica Mature Lifestyles' COO, Colin Halliwell, and Greenwin's CEO, Kris Boyce.
Ben Myers & Janice Cracknell

Healthy competition or bad for business?

This video report looks at the impact condo rental stock is having on the apartment market. Commentators: Urbanation's executive vice-president, Ben Myers, and Janice Cracknell, a partner at N. Barry Lyon Consultants Ltd.
Lance Cumberbatch

The MRAB Audit and Enforcement program

This video report provides an update on the City of Toronto's Multi-Residential Apartment Building (MRAB) Audit and Enforcement program. Commentator: Lance Cumberbatch, director, investigation services, City of Toronto.
Bob Doumani, Mary Boushel

Clutter to crisis

This video report looks at how to handle hoarders. Commentators: Bob Doumani, a partner in the law firm of Aird & Berlis LLP, and Mary Boushel, manager of successful tenancies at Toronto Community Housing.
Vince Brescia, Mario, Chiarelli

Electrical sub-metering

This video report looks at electrical sub-metering for apartment buildings. Commentators: Vince Brescia, president and CEO of the FRPO, and Mario Chiarelli, director of operations at GreenSaver.
Derek Lobo, Mark Kenney

Real deals

This video report looks at landmark apartment deals and transactions that were made in 2011. Commentators: Rock Advisors' chairman and CEO, Derek Lobo, and CAPREIT's COO, Mark Kenney.