Potential property tax relief looks uneven

Potential property tax relief looks uneven

A potential incentive for new purpose-built rental housing in Ontario comes with adverse implications for existing multifamily properties, thanks to the mathematics of property tax allocation.
2024 Ontario Budget

Building more affordable homes faster

Key action steps in the 2024 Ontario Budget include investing $1 billion in the new Municipal Housing Infrastructure Program and supporting transit-oriented development.

Clamping down on renovictions

Hamilton will soon be the first city in Ontario to introduce a renoviction bylaw forcing landlords to obtain a licence prior to issuing an N-13

Uncertainty leads to rising costs

The biggest challenge for many real estate owners in 2024 will be finding affordable insurance coverage to protect their buildings.

Maintaining a safe property through winter

Residential property managers need to be extra vigilant this time of year to ensure their buildings are safe and properly maintained.
Multifamily leads take-up of EV charger funds

Multifamily leads uptake of EV charger funds

Multifamily landlords and condominium corporations have claimed more than a third of the funds the Canadian government has thus far allocated through its Zero Emissions Vehicle Infrastructure Program.
human rights

Human rights obligations in rental housing

Kristen A Ley of Cohen Highley Lawyers provides tips and insights for rental housing professionals on navigating human rights obligations using the new HRBA framework.
Conversion momentum draws on combo of factors

Conversion momentum draws on combo of drivers

Replicating Calgary’s nascent office-to-residential conversion momentum in other markets will likely depend on the same combination of weak office values, strong housing demand and generous incentives.

The legacy of Sen̓áḵw

Currently underway in Vancouver, Sen̓áḵw is a powerful testament to Indigenous land ownership and an economic legacy that’s expected to generate upwards of $10 billion in revenue for the Squamish Nation.
Promises aplenty ahead of Manitoba election

Promises aplenty ahead of Manitoba election

Manitobans are hearing promises aplenty as political parties offer up tax cuts, rate freezes and incentive programs ahead of the provincial election, set for October 3.
GST rental rebate

Canada’s Enhanced GST Rental Rebate program

The Canadian government announced it is removing the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on future purpose-built rental projects via the "Enhanced GST Rental Rebate" program.
Ontario keeps clinging to 2016 market values

Ontario keeps clinging to 2016 market values

The recent regulation to postpone Ontario's property reassessment for another year stretches the assessment cycle to double its originally intended time span.
Toronto strives to find more cash

Toronto strives to find more cash

Commercial properties are central to Toronto’s efforts to find more cash as the city government considers how to address massive budget shortfalls projected for 2024 and into the future.
Swimming pools were a buoyant property upgrade option in 2020

Swimming pool safety and liability

In the hot, hazy days of summer, swimming pools are a great source of fun and relaxation, but they also bring a host of risks and responsibilities or property owners.
mayoral candidates

Mayoral candidates talk housing in latest debate

In the latest debate on housing matters, six leading mayoral candidates discussed their policies and promises for addressing Toronto's affordability crisis.
Scarborough Village

Gateway to Scarborough Village

The aging plaza at 3730 Kingston Rd. in south Scarborough is poised to become a vibrant, mixed-use community hub, pending approval from Toronto City Council.
Ontario offers bonus incentives on retrofits

Ontario offers bonus incentives for retrofits

Bonus incentives for energy efficiency upgrades will be available to select commercial and multifamily landlords and condominium corporations in Ontario during the second and third quarters of 2023.