Sifton Properties' West 5 selected for community net metering demonstration

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Community net metering demo set for Ontario

Sifton Properties’ West 5, a 70-acre mixed-use development in London, Ontario, will be a test site for an electricity generation and sharing model known as community net metering.
climate action dividends projected for real estate

Canadian Property Management

Real estate could reap climate action dividends

The global urgency for climate action has an upside companion in global opportunities for strategic investment that could improve people’s lives and yield sustainable returns.
BOMA BEST criteria revised for multifamily buildings

Canadian Apartment Magazine

BOMA BEST criteria introduce multifamily tweaks

Landlords and condominium corporations participating in the BOMA BEST environmental performance benchmarking and certification program will have to comply with an expanded list of best practices.

Canadian Property Management

New role with ongoing purpose for Bala Gnanam

Bala Gnanam has joined the staff of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) of Canada as vice president, sustainability, advocacy and stakeholder relations.
Global energy load has capacity to ease poverty

REMI Network

Global energy load has room to ease poverty

New research concludes there is capacity to power universal decent living standards (DLS) and stay beneath a 1.5-degree Celsius ceiling for temperature rise.

REMI Network

How to provide healthy environments & meet climate goals

Three key lessons for making buildings energy- and carbon-efficient and healthy.
race2reduce prepares to mark 2021 milestones

Canadian Property Management

Race2reduce prepares to mark 2021 milestones

This year’s top achievers in the friendly competition with serious intent will be announced on September 16 when the annual CREST (commercial real estate sustainability trailblazers) awards are bestowed.
climate change fallout projected to be bleak

Canadian Property Management

Climate change fallout projected to be bleak

Canadian regions will experience climate change fallout differently, but a global consortium of scientists is warning residents everywhere that severe conditions and extreme events are going to be more frequent and intense.
Michael Brooks joins World Green Building Council board of directors

Construction Business

Michael Brooks joins WGBC board of directors

Michael Brooks, chief executive officer of REALPAC, has been named to the board of directors of the World Green Building Council and will also serve as treasurer for 2021-22.
sustainable cleaning

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

The future of sustainable cleaning

Whatever the facility, prioritizing sustainable cleaning creates a healthier, greener environment for all.
status quo stymies innovative retrofit options

Canadian Property Management

Status quo stymies innovative retrofit options

Prevailing approaches for incentivizing, financing and implementing retrofit projects deemed unlikely to propel the existing building inventory to net-zero emissions by 2050.
race2reduce expands field of potential competitors

Canadian Property Management

Expanded field now eligible for race2reduce

Commercial buildings in Toronto’s neighbouring York Region can now join the challenge and gain eligibility for the Commercial Real Estate Sustainability Trailblazers (CREST) awards.
green cleaning

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Green cleaning beyond the pandemic

Post-COVID-19, there is no room for guessing or trial-and-error purchasing. If green cleaning is here to stay, it must be tried, tested, and proven.
Sustainability Trends

REMI Network

Taking charge of sustainability trends

Still think sustainability is a buzzword? Think again. As contractors like Paul Drozdowski can attest, the pursuit of cleaner and more energy-efficient operations has become a priority for stakeholders across the board.

REMI Network

Alectra to open new 400-employee operations centre in Brampton

Alectra has chosen Brampton, Ontario, as the location of their brand-new sustainable operations centre that will be built to LEED Gold.
BOMA Canada to launch Circular Economy Guide for Real Estate

Canadian Property Management

CRE sussed for circular economy applications

BOMA members and other interested parties are asked to complete a short online survey ahead of the upcoming launch of the new Circular Economy Guide for Commercial Real Estate.
Project focuses on reducing and recapturing medical plastic waste

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Health care providers contemplate plastic waste

Project partners and advisors will explore options to reduce, reuse and recycle personal protective equipment and medical single-use plastic items before disposal.