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energy efficiency

Canadian Property Management

5 Easy Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency

According to Veronica Ochoa, Building Performance Project Designer with RJC Engineers, improving energy efficiency is likely the top priority for today’s building owners facing costly, mandatory retrofits by 2025.
fall protection

Canadian Property Management

Jobsite Safety & Fall Protection Prep

Whether working on an active construction site or in an operations and maintenance setting, fall protection planning is a critical step.
indigenous education fund

Design Quarterly

Education fund to support Indigenous students

An education fund for Indigenous students residing in B.C. has been established by a group of consulting firms, engineers and architects.
code changes RJC June


Radical Code Changes are Coming

Tips and recommendations from Sameer Hasham, Project Engineer with RJC Engineers, on updating your older building to keep up with code changes.


4 Periodic Reviews with Critical Benefits   

When it comes to maintaining your building envelope, RJC Engineers recommends the following four periodic reviews to prevent key assemblies from failing.
building durability

Canadian Property Management

How Durable is Your Building?

Bryan Colvin of RJC Engineers walks us through the pros and cons of four common material to assess building durability.
green roofs RJC

Canadian Property Management

How Green is Your Green Roof?

Green roofs are evolving thanks to lower carbon materials, and a better understanding of how to achieve carbon neutral. Colin Tougas, Project Engineer with RJC Engineers, provides tips for getting the most from your green roof.
parking structures

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Smarter, Better Parking Structures

Find out more about Parksmart, a voluntary certification program that recognizes high-performing, sustainable parking structures.


Reserve Fund Planning

When it comes to understanding and maintaining the physical assets of your condominium complex, nothing matters more than reserve fund planning.
insurance rates

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Your Rising Insurance Rates

Michael Blackman, Regional Manager and Principal at RJC Engineers, Kelowna, shares valuable tips for lowering your insurance rates.
condensation RJC


Combatting Cold-Weather Condensation

The cold winter weather can bring all manner of property maintenance issues, but few can cause as many headaches as unchecked condensation.
embodied carbon RJC

Canadian Property Management

The Buzz on Embodied Carbon

Lorena Polovina, Building Science Engineer at RJC Engineers shares the inside scoop on embodied carbon and what building owners need to know.

Canadian Property Management

Now is the time to invest in deep energy retrofits

Terry Bergen, Managing Principal at RJC Engineers, discusses deep energy retrofits and their importance to the Canadian economy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
worksite safety RJC COVID-19


Worksite Safety Amid COVID-19

Jordan Swail, Project Engineer with RJC Engineers, shares worksite safety tips for multi-residential building operators amid COVID-19 restrictions.

Canadian Property Management

The Benefits of Building Energy Modelling

Building Energy Modelling (BEM) is a versatile, multipurpose tool used in both new construction and existing buildings. Experts from RJC Engineers share the benefits.
timber article RJC

Canadian Property Management

5 (More) Reasons to Design with Timber

Mark Ritchie, a Principal with RJC Engineers, discusses the benefits of working with mass timber over other building materials.

Canadian Property Management

The 5-Step Restoration Process

Andrea Mucciarone of RJC Engineers discusses the building façade restoration process, from spotting early signs of failure through to project completion.