• CF Sherway Gardens

    Renewed master plan vision for CF Sherway Gardens

    Cadillac Fairview and DiamondCorp have collaborated on a renewed master plan vision for CF Sherway Gardens that will transform the peripheral parking lands into a complete community with a mix of residential, office and retail.
  • Highland Commons

    Highland Commons to rise in Scarborough

    To accommodate a variety of private outdoor space needs, expansive balconies or terraces are of a scale comparable to interior living spaces.
  • Provincial energy efficiency programs stalling

    Provincial energy efficiency programs stalling

    Efficiency Canada’s provincial energy efficiency scorecard shows a Canada-wide downward trend in annual incremental savings compared to last decade.

Hot Topics

  • privacy

    Data privacy faces renewed scrutiny in condos

    Maintaining residents’ privacy is nothing new in condos, but optional vaccine policies are bringing more relevance to the issue of anonymity. .
  • Multifamily fire risk factors evolve over time

    Multifamily fire risk factors evolve over time

    The combination of improved suppression and ignition source depletion has reduced the risk of fire-related fatalities within residential high-rises, and all dwellings in general, since 1980.
  • amenity

    The nuances of amenity access during COVID

    A vaccine policy for amenity use may spark emotionally-charged debates from opposing residents and enforcing it proves challenging.

Must Reads

  • Fitwel

    Slowing the spread of COVID-19 in condos

    Boards and property managers of condos play a significant role in protecting residents during emergencies like the recent COVID-19 outbreak.
  • COVID-19

    COVID-19 and Condos

    As the number of cases of COVID-19 increase across the country, Nancy Houle from Davidson Houle Allen discusses what this means for the condo industry.
  • false fire alarm

    The implications of false fire alarms in condos

    For condo managers, a false fire alarm results in new issues. What happens when a fire alarm goes off at a condominium when no smoke or fire is present?