• electric vehicles

    Accommodating electric vehicles in your condo building

    How electric vehicles are changing the built environment and why property managers should care.
  • Wiklem Designs

    Q&A: Budget-friendly condo renovations

    Knowing where to focus condo restoration efforts (and how to save money in the process) can help balance the desire to stay modern with the need to stay on budget.
  • Condo repairs

    Comment: The cost of experts

    There is an adage that says, "The only thing more expensive than a professional is an amateur," and nowhere is this truer than in a condominium setting.

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  • Condo security budgets

    Spending your condo security budget wisely

    Condominiums have several choices when it comes to addressing security concerns within the building. As is often is the case, these choices come with concerns about making the wrong choice.
  • condo budget approval

    Condo fees and residents’ rights

    Why is it that a select few people can decide what condo fees for the ensuing year will be? Why can’t owners have input into the new fees? These are both extremely good questions and perhaps a couple of the most commonly asked questions in the condo world.
  • Condo technology

    Condo mediation 2.0: Upgrading the process

    Participating in a condo mediation can often mean taking time off work or giving up an evening. And truly, the most challenging aspect of mediation

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