• roof inspections

    An overview of pre-winter roof inspections

    Just like other parts of the building, the roof requires ongoing maintenance and preventative repairs. Studies have shown that a roof that has not been
  • condo market

    Housing affordability driving GTA condo market

    What does the rise of detached home prices mean for the condo market? An expert explains how this trend is heating up competition in the high-rise segment.
  • parking garage maintenance

    A roadmap for parking garage maintenance

    Why doesn't parking garage maintenance occur as often as it should? These types of painting projects can be daunting — but they don’t have to be.

Hot Topics

  • condominium governance

    New research investigates condo governance

    New research into condominium governance found that board members, property managers and unit owners have a number of familiar topics on their minds: lack of community, lack of director education and poor communication.
  • condominium

    Five top talking points for condo communities

    Generate the biggest bang for the corporation’s communication buck by focusing on five important talking points.
  • telecom

    CRTC decision addresses telecom access in condos

    Let a fourth telecommunications service provider in, or risk losing all Internet access. That was the headline version of an Aug. 15 Canadian Radio-television and

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  • REMI

    CREA expects rebalanced housing market in 2016

    The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) has updated its forecast for home sales through the MLS Systems for 2016 and has also included 2017 in
  • housing starts

    Housing starts trended lower in December

    According to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), the trend measure of housing starts in Canada fell to 203,502 units in December from 208,204 in
  • rsz_mailboxes

    Two-tier postal service will favour multi-res

    Apartment dwellers will be the comparative winners when the phase-out of home delivery forces single-family householders out into the elements to collect their mail.