• electric vehicles

    Accommodating electric vehicles in your condo building

    How electric vehicles are changing the built environment and why property managers should care.
  • Wiklem Designs

    Q&A: Budget-friendly condo renovations

    Knowing where to focus condo restoration efforts (and how to save money in the process) can help balance the desire to stay modern with the need to stay on budget.
  • Condo repairs

    Comment: The cost of experts

    There is an adage that says, "The only thing more expensive than a professional is an amateur," and nowhere is this truer than in a condominium setting.

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    Managing short-term condo rentals

    The explosive growth of online short-term rental websites has caused considerable controversy and concerns for condominium corporations
  • Condo board law

    Preventing mismanaged finances on condo boards

    Whether by corruption or incompetence, condo boards that mismanage their multi-million dollar budgets and reserve funds are a recurring problem.
  • Condo finances

    Financial statements 101

    Knowing where to look – and what to look for – makes reviewing your financial statements easier. It will also bring to light any areas that require a deeper dive to ensure the corporation stays in a favourable financial position.

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