• Wiklem Designs

    Q&A: Budget-friendly condo renovations

    Knowing where to focus condo restoration efforts (and how to save money in the process) can help balance the desire to stay modern with the need to stay on budget.
  • Condo repairs

    Comment: The cost of experts

    There is an adage that says, "The only thing more expensive than a professional is an amateur," and nowhere is this truer than in a condominium setting.
  • electronic voting

    How electronic voting works in condos

    Now that electronic voting is allowed in Ontario condos, how exactly does it work?

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    Maclean-Hunter Building’s multi-res revival

    Toronto's Maclean Publishing Company headquarters is becoming the new United BLDG., a mixed-use development that represents North America's tallest architectural heritage retention project of its kind.
  • HAVAN board cooper

    Keys to condo board success

    Serving as a director can be a daunting task considering all the responsibilities involved in governing a condo corporation’s affairs, which can include making tough
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    Real estate flies red flags of money laundering

    Some of the signals of potential malfeasance in real estate transactions are not obvious or only appear ominous when they are part of a pattern of questionable conduct.

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