• condo manager

    Junior condo managers subject to supervision

    What will supervision requirements under mandatory licensing mean for junior condo managers in Ontario?
  • board meetings

    Time-saving tips for better board meetings

    How can boards run more efficient meetings? In the condominium world, meetings take place several times a year — often monthly, but sometimes more frequently
  • landscaping contracts

    How to negotiate landscaping contracts

    What should condominium corporations look for in landscaping contracts? Experience suggests the most successful relationships between condominium corporations and landscape contractors always involve two things:

Hot Topics

  • developer

    When the developer next door comes calling

    With construction booming and land scarce, condo buildings in urban areas may face a situation where a neighbouring developer requires access to their land.
  • condo conversion

    Condo conversions to see expanded warranties

    Starting next year, builders and vendors of residential conversion projects will have to register with Tarion and get approval to proceed with their plans.
  • Vertical density

    Vertical density channels Mississauga growth

    Nearly five decades of lower-density development will take some time to fill in to more compact neighbourhoods and pedestrian-oriented commercial streets, but the vitality of the city's condominium market demonstrates that single-family residential is no longer the default built form.

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