• mental health

    Fewer Canadians report ‘sense of belonging’ at work 

    More than half of Canadians are doing their job when feeling unwell on a weekly basis. The mental health scores among this group are significantly below those who report never working while feeling unwell.
  • remote building inspections

    Remote building inspections to get code clarity

    A proposed amendment to the Ontario Building Code would explicitly allow for alternatives to building inspectors’ physical presence on construction sites.
  • Glenbow Museum

    Calgary’s Glenbow Museum begins massive overhaul

    Calgary's Glenbow Museum kicked-off a three-year, $120-million renovation that will eliminate barriers to accessibility never considered when the building was designed in the 1970s.
  • Global energy load has capacity to ease poverty

    Global energy load has room to ease poverty

    New research concludes there is capacity to power universal decent living standards (DLS) and stay beneath a 1.5-degree Celsius ceiling for temperature rise.
  • BEIC

    BEIC Unveils Building Energy Innovation Report 

    The time to embrace clean building technologies is now, but it takes stakeholders across the real estate community to make the shift. This is the philosophy behind the Building Energy Innovators Council (BEIC) and the underlying message in its newest report.  
  • LED

    Scientists developing LED bulb that emits less blue light

    A research team at the University of Houston is developing an LED bulb that emits most of its energy from the safer violet segment of the visible light spectrum.

Hot Topics

  • campus

    Campus high-rise brings health to new heights

    Dingy is a word that conjures thoughts of old institutional spaces. Academic buildings with dimly-lit hallways and windowless classrooms punctured with fluorescent glare. Rarely are
  • ergonomics

    Re-visiting office ergonomics for a safe return

    For employees transitioning daily between different workstations, management may want to standardize equipment so employees can easily learn how to adjust equipment and not have to relearn each workstation type.
  • Indigenous hub

    Purpose-built Indigenous hub will be Ontario first

    Construction is officially underway on what will be Ontario's first mixed-use, purpose-built Indigenous hub in the West Don Lands of Toronto.

Must Reads

  • Standing desks

    Standing desks may cause lower back pain: study

    Nearly half of people who use a standing desk are at risk of developing lower back pain, according to a study from the University of Waterloo.
  • women in skilled trades

    New funding for women in skilled trades

    The 2018 federal budget commits funds to inform women about apprenticeship programs, dispense financial grants for training and provide resources as they move into the workforce.
  • storage room

    Tips for effective storage room management

    Effectively managing storage rooms means making sure those items are kept safe, secure, and available to building managers, staff, and occupants as needed.