Aging condos can learn new tricks

As appealing as old buildings are, they do present some unique challenges for residents. Often, these aging developments hang on to old processes.
Accelerator program not as Canadian as touted

Canadian Property Management

Accelerator program not as Canadian as touted

Canadian proptech companies comprise just half the slate newly named to the 2022 REACH Canada accelerator program, chosen through a competitive process sponsored by the U.S. National Association of Realtors.

Construction Business

Pandemic is fast tracking adoption of automation

While the building industry has been slower to embrace technology, the pandemic has accelerated the automation push for many companies.
condo security 


Pandemic boosts tech trends in condo security 

One of the biggest trends in the multi-unit residential market is using mobile devices to manage access.
fire protection

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Digitizing fire protection for facility inspections

With fire equipment, the biggest culprit for non-compliance issues usually involves obstructions blocking fire extinguishers and hoses from view.


5 ways technology is uplifting condo communities

Technology is revolutionizing the way condo buildings operate and positively impacting the lives of residents and managers.

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

UV-C technology myths debunked

This disinfection technology is versatile and effective, but many facility managers are still relatively uninformed about it.

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Promoting health and safety in the washroom

As vaccinations increase and people become more comfortable visiting public spaces again, there will be greater demand for clean washrooms.

REMI Network

McGill to train next-gen leaders in ethical A.I. use

A new cohort of students at McGill University will soon be poised to tackle crucial questions about the application and potential misuse of Artificial Intelligence, which continues to change the retail landscape.
the internet Wiredscore

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Health, wellness and the internet

The need for strong internet connection that facilitates all aspects of a tenant’s life—working, learning, exercising, socializing—is here to stay.
WiredScore launches certification of digital connectivity for the North American multifamily sector

Canadian Apartment Magazine

WiredScore introduces multifamily certification

The third-party certifier of digital connectivity in commercial buildings is launching a similar program for the North American multifamily sector.
Canadian proptech ventures to be groomed for growth

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Canadian proptech ventures groomed for growth

The U.S. National Association of Realtors is searching the Canadian market for promising technologies for the commercial and residential real estate sectors.
automatic floor scrubbers

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Automatic floor scrubbers continue surging growth

These tools have become increasingly popular and useful for facility managers during the COVID-19 pandemic.
building technology

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

How to optimize building technology management

Leveraging appropriate service technology and integrated service tools can ensure buildings are safe and properly maintained. 

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Pandemic intensifies evolving role of FM

Facility managers are no longer viewed as a back-office function, but rather “a strategic instrument to attract and retain talent and create a great experience,”
Simple computer passwords are standard in most industry sectors

Canadian Property Management

Real estate opts for simple computer passwords

Analysis of more than 162,000 publicly reported data breaches at major real estate firms finds that “password”, “123456” and some variation of a company’s name are ensconced favourites.
property management

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Updating your property management toolkit

Chad Guziewicz, Co-founder of Rentify, shares four property management practices that can be easily improved using new technologies.