virtual meetings

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How to run glitch-free virtual meetings?

Virtual meetings are one way condo corporations are balancing social distancing with the need to conduct ongoing business, but they aren't without technical glitches.
Electrical equipment distributor to divest Canadian utility and data communication divisions

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Electrical equipment conglomerate to divest

The Competition Bureau negotiated the terms of agreement to address concerns that one company would gain predominant market share, driving up prices for key components of electricity transmission/distribution systems and telecommunications networks.

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Going touch-free in a collaborative workplace

Touch-free technology to help limit the spread of infection is now seen in almost every area of a workplace, not just washrooms.

Design Quarterly

DIRTT promotes pre-fabricated construction

DIRTT Environmental Solutions has launched Make Space for Possibilities. The advocacy campaign demonstrates the benefits of pre-fabricated construction.
contact tracing

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Most Canadians support digital contact tracing

A new report from Ryerson University found the majority of Canadians support using a mandatory contact tracing app to go to work or take public transit.
Equinix stretches its Canadian digital reach with acquisition of 13 data centres

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Equinix stretches its Canadian digital reach

The $1.04 billion deal will see Equinix acquire 13 data centres and more than 600 Bell customers from BCE Inc.
Building an organic smart building from the bottom up could be easier than a top-down model

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Open protocols could nurture organic smart city

Abandonment of the Sidewalk Labs project proposed for Toronto is unfortunate, but it serves as an important lesson that building a smart city from the top down is hard.
COVID-19 prompts Nova Scotia to accelerate schedule for expanding internet coverage

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Nova Scotia scurries to expand internet coverage

COVID-19 has prompted accelerated delivery of high-speed internet to some overlooked or underserviced areas of Nova Scotia.
Data centres gain traffic during COVID-19 related business shutdowns

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Data centres gain traffic missing from highways

At least 84 Canadian commercial buildings have been abuzz during protracted COVID-19-related business shutdowns. They house the data centres that have literally underpinned the continued functioning of the economy.

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The Benefits of Building Energy Modelling

Building Energy Modelling (BEM) is a versatile, multipurpose tool used in both new construction and existing buildings. Experts from RJC Engineers share the benefits.
remote video inspections

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Remote video inspections abet social distancing

The technology does not replace the human element of inspections, but it does allow for parties to the inspection to be separate from each other.
Smart buildings harnessed for pandemic response

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Smart buildings harnessed for pandemic response

While climate change may have slipped somewhat from people’s consciousness and priorities right now, it’s noteworthy that the pandemic and climate crises are both problems of exponential growth against a limited capacity to cope.
New Quebec tax credit applies on purchases of computer hardware and management software

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Proptech qualifies for new Quebec tax credit

The tax credit applies on purchases of computer hardware, management software or manufacturing/processing equipment made before January 1, 2025.
Canadian real estate companies respond to survey on proptech potential

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Proptech potential still largely unexploited

Global and Canadian survey results suggest proptech is more piecemeal than strategically deployed in many cases, hindering the capacity to integrate data collection and interpretation.

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New trends to disrupt residential market, study finds

Canadian residential real estate is the next industry ripe for disruption, with new technology, innovation and business models poised to shift the sector.
deal-making functions

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Deal-making functions migrate to proptech

Survey respondents foresee technology-enabled multifamily co-living will be the most significant disruptor to the status quo, while trends like office co-working, retail brandbox and industrial flex space cause upheaval in the other property sectors.
Cheryl Gray

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Cheryl Gray first Canadian IREM President

Gray was inaugurated during the 2019 IREM Global Summit in San Francisco.