• water from leaky tap

    Stop leaks and over-consumption

    Errol Small and Trisha Glazer from WatrTekPro Inc. share expert tips and insights to help property managers improve water efficiencies.
  • rental housing

    COVID-19’s impact on housing affordability

    CMHC's Mathieu Laberge shares his perspective on housing affordability in Canada since COVID and what can be done to weather these challenging times.
  • insurance

    How to secure the best insurance rates

    Property insurance costs are steeper than ever, driven by significant losses for water damage, fire, and natural disasters, combined with inflationary pressure increasing the costs of claims.

Hot Topics

  • Potential property tax relief looks uneven

    Potential property tax relief looks uneven

    A potential incentive for new purpose-built rental housing in Ontario comes with adverse implications for existing multifamily properties, thanks to the mathematics of property tax allocation.
  • 2024 Ontario Budget

    Building more affordable homes faster

    Key action steps in the 2024 Ontario Budget include investing $1 billion in the new Municipal Housing Infrastructure Program and supporting transit-oriented development.
  • real estate

    Ontario’s shifting real estate landscape

    As we head into Q2-2024, a significant shift in Ontario’s real estate landscape has occurred, putting the rental market front and centre amid declining home sales.

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  • Capital gains tax adjustment unnerves CRE

    Capital gains tax adjustment unnerves CRE

    The jump in the capital gains inclusion rate is expected to have an immediate impact on property sales, while being factored into longer term asset management and investment decisions.
  • Making a case for micro-unit apartments

    As housing affordability and climate concerns continue to reach crisis levels, micro units are emerging as a promising, low-cost solution thanks to innovative design concepts improving interior efficiencies.
  • Manitoba security system purchasers get rebate

    Manitoba security system purchasers to get rebate

    The Manitoba government is delivering on an election campaign promise to provide a $300 rebate on the purchase of a business or home security system.