• insurance

    COVID-19 and your insurance policy

    Michael Fried, President of Aftermath Consulting Group, LLC., addresses uncertainties related to insurance coverage and best practices for protecting assets, employees and residents.
  • anxiety over COVID-19 could triggercleaning chemical mishaps

    Beware the risks of cleaning chemical mishaps

    Some basic chemistry lessons should be reiterated: mixing bleach with ammonia-containing or acid-containing products will produce a toxic reaction.
  • fire safety

    Smart, life-saving fire safety solutions

    Tips and best practices from Michael Hugh, Field Sales Engineer at Johnson Controls

Hot Topics

  • multifamily investment

    Low yields not deterring multifamily investment

    Multifamily assets delivered the lowest income return of the property sectors to institutional investors in the Canada Property Index last year, but produced strong total returns on a foundation of 7.3 per cent capital growth.
  • Night Toronto

    Tight market conditions persist in GTA

    New CMHC rental market survey sheds light on the main drivers affecting the GTA's tight market conditions.
  • urban growth

    Tackling the challenges of urban growth

    As rents continue to climb in Canada’s major metropolitan areas, “creative” and “collaborative” solutions will be needed to tackle the challenges of urban growth.

Must Reads

  • rental market

    Ford announces rent control pull-back

    As part of its newly announced “Housing Supply Action Plan,” the Ontario Government is proposing a strategy to increase the province’s rental housing supply through new measures affecting rent control.
  • apartment

    HVAC switch over snared by hot spell

    Tensions boiled over last week at Toronto apartment buildings without air conditioning as temperatures soared into heat wave territory in late September.
  • live-in superintendents

    Ontario leaves live-in superintendents exposed

    For now, market demand and the goodwill of employers are still the prime determinants of superintendents' working conditions.