• federal election

    Justin Trudeau promises “real and important change”

    Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has been elected for a third term, with a vow to deliver "real and important change" on issues such as housing affordability and chronic rental undersupply.
  • BOMA BEST criteria revised for multifamily buildings

    BOMA BEST criteria introduce multifamily tweaks

    Landlords and condominium corporations participating in the BOMA BEST environmental performance benchmarking and certification program will have to comply with an expanded list of best practices.
  • Ontario regulation sets deadline for energy-use data availability via the Green Button program

    Deadline set for energy-use data availability

    A newly filed regulation instructs Ontario's electricity and gas distributors to be ready for the province-wide rollout of the Green Button program by November 2023.
  • water damage

    5 ways to mitigate losses from water damage

    While climate change has increased the prevalence of weather-related floods, water damage due to plumbing and appliance failures happen daily—and sadly, they are often preventable.
  • preventing wasp infestations

    How to prevent mosquito and wasp infestations

    Alice Sinia, quality assurance manager for Orkin Canada, shares timely tips for keeping outdoor amenity spaces free of mosquito and wasp infestations.
  • solar energy

    Shining a light on the benefits of solar

    Danial Hadizadeh, CEO at Mitrex, offers insight into the latest solar energy products and their long-term sustainable benefits.

Hot Topics

  • GTA recovery

    GTA rental market recovery underway

    A new report from Urbanation confirms that GTA rental market recovery began in earnest during the second quarter of 2021.
  • private balconies

    Private balconies are in demand

    In the wake of COVID-19, multifamily housing developers are emphasizing outdoor amenity spaces more than ever with private balconies now at the top of many tenants' wish lists.
  • structural safety

    Collapsed high-rise spotlights structural safety

    The recent collapse of a Florida residential building is an unimaginable tragedy that underscores the importance of structural safety and the consequences that could result from a failure.

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