• 2019 gold

    Stories to watch in 2019

    The REMI Network's editorial team takes a look at last year's top stories and how they will continue to impact the commercial real estate industry in 2019.
  • the Annex Ottawa

    Alignvest purchases Ottawa student residence

    Alignvest Student Housing Inc. announced it has entered into a contract to purchase a new student housing property in Ottawa, known as "The Annex".
  • joint venture

    Starlight and Homestead acquire two rental properties

    Starlight Investments and Homestead Land Holdings announced they have jointly purchased two multi-residential apartment complexes for $241 million.
  • insurance

    No renter should be without tenant insurance

    In the wake of another high-rise disaster, Insurance broker Andy Schwartze discusses the importance of these often overlooked policies.
  • Traffic

    Blocking out external noise

    From lower tenant turnover to improved energy efficiency, Randy Brown of Soundproof Windows discusses the benefits of soundproofing sliding glass doors
  • staff engagement

    How to engage an underperforming staff

    Boost productivity and employee satisfaction with these staff engagement tips from M&R Holdings' Randy Daiter

Hot Topics

  • student housing waterloo

    Purpose-built student housing set to soar

    Canada's purpose-built rental market has seen its share of healthy investment activity over the years, yet one asset class has historically struggled to keep up: student housing.
  • Padlock on a laptop keyboard. Concept of internet security

    The landlord’s guide to PIPEDA

    Beginning November 1, 2018, all private businesses across Canada, including small residential landlords, will be impacted by the latest changes to PIPEDA.
  • rent control

    Assessing the impact of rent control

    More than a year after the Fair Rental Act was introduced, rent control is back in the spotlight with new research suggesting it is doing more harm than good when it comes to rental construction and affordability.

Must Reads

  • rental market

    Ford announces rent control pull-back

    As part of its newly announced “Housing Supply Action Plan,” the Ontario Government is proposing a strategy to increase the province’s rental housing supply through new measures affecting rent control.
  • apartment

    HVAC switch over snared by hot spell

    Tensions boiled over last week at Toronto apartment buildings without air conditioning as temperatures soared into heat wave territory in late September.
  • live-in superintendents

    Ontario leaves live-in superintendents exposed

    For now, market demand and the goodwill of employers are still the prime determinants of superintendents' working conditions.