• affordable housing

    Trudeau urged to make good on housing commitment

    At a press conference in Ottawa, advocates released an open letter to Prime Minister Trudeau urging him to make good on his housing commitment by enshrining "the right to housing" in upcoming National Housing Strategy legislation.
  • Greener buildings

    Starlight Investments to install energy storage systems

    Peak Power Inc. announced it has signed an agreement to install up to 2350kW / 4700kWh of energy storage systems to target Ontario peak demand charges with Starlight Investments.
  • investors chase multifamily properties

    Investors chase multifamily properties

    Midyear results from CBRE and Colliers International reveal that almost every other property type, except premier office, is trading at higher cap rates in major Canadian markets.
  • Traffic

    Blocking out external noise

    From lower tenant turnover to improved energy efficiency, Randy Brown of Soundproof Windows discusses the benefits of soundproofing sliding glass doors
  • staff engagement

    How to engage an underperforming staff

    Boost productivity and employee satisfaction with these staff engagement tips from M&R Holdings' Randy Daiter
  • Toronto apartment towers

    Energy efficiency in older stock apartments

    Looking for ways to boost energy efficiency in your older-stock apartment buildings? We spoke with Mike Mulqueen, Lead, CDM Business Development (MURB) at Toronto Hydro for insights into the latest incentives and energy efficiency opportunities as we head into 2017.

Hot Topics

  • time-of-use electricity rates

    Time-of-use electricity rates spark debate

    The Ontario NDP's proposed plan would focus efforts to manage peak demand more narrowly on the Industrial Conservation Initiative and voluntary residential programs enabled through smart grid technology.
  • rental housing

    Rebuilding the rental housing industry

    Apartment professionals ponder the uncertainties of the rental housing industry, including the critical steps needed to cultivate new supply.
  • waste management

    Prevent pests with proper waste management

    When evaluating the best waste management practices for your property, it’s important to keep pest control in mind. Apartment complexes offer everything pests need to survive: food, water, warmth and shelter.

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