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Operating tech ripe for ransomware attacks

Operational tech ripe for more ransomware attacks

Real estate was relatively unscathed in the growing number of ransomware attacks perpetrated in Canada last year, experiencing about 3 per cent of the incidents occurring across 19 industry sectors.
Toronto strives to find more cash

Toronto strives to find more cash

Commercial properties are central to Toronto’s efforts to find more cash as the city government considers how to address massive budget shortfalls projected for 2024 and into the future.
Global energy appetite eats up efficiency gains

Global energy appetite eats up efficiency gains

The global buildings sector made some headway in curbing its energy appetite and output of greenhouse gas emissions last year, but is still off-pace to achieve the International Energy Agency's targets.
Global smart lighting market poised for bright future

Smart lighting market poised for bright future

The global market for smart lighting is projected to reach USD $45 billion in sales by 2028, representing a compound annual growth rate of more than 20 per cent over the next five years.
Canada to pursue energy efficiency improvements

Canada to pursue energy efficiency improvements

Canada has joined 44 other national governments, worldwide, in endorsing the International Energy Agency's push for a 4 per cent annual reduction in energy intensity by 2030
U.S. prepares to prohibit non-compete clauses

U.S. prepares to prohibit non-compete clauses

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has filed notice that it intends to decree employer-imposed, non-compete conditions are unfair competition.
Infrastructure investment a go-to in downturn

Infrastructure investment a go-to in downturn

For public partners, P3s are a means to transfer risk. For the private sector, infrastructure’s recession-proof profile dovetails with expectations for a prolonged building spree.

The role of technology in school hygiene

Air quality is a big driver of school hygiene, but while many buildings have built-in ventilation systems, it can be difficult to know how effective these systems are at removing pollution from the air.

CDM could spell global energy-use avoidance

Canada is among dozens of national delegations to the 7th Annual Global Conference on Energy Efficiency that signed a joint statement endorsing urgent action.
skylines hold gravitational energy prospects

Skylines hold gravitational energy promise

The concept is still theoretical, but researchers with the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis suggest elevators could present an option for generating an ancillary supply of sustainable power.
GRESB validates real estate's ESG credentials

GRESB validates real estate’s ESG credentials

Canadian participants accounted for less than 3 per cent of the entire GRESB database in 2021, but make up nearly 5 per cent of the 5-star cohort, which achieved the top 20 per cent of scores through the assessment.

Global energy load has room to ease poverty

New research concludes there is capacity to power universal decent living standards (DLS) and stay beneath a 1.5-degree Celsius ceiling for temperature rise.

BEIC Unveils Building Energy Innovation Report 

The time to embrace clean building technologies is now, but it takes stakeholders across the real estate community to make the shift. This is the philosophy behind the Building Energy Innovators Council (BEIC) and the underlying message in its newest report.  

Scientists developing LED bulb that emits less blue light

A research team at the University of Houston is developing an LED bulb that emits most of its energy from the safer violet segment of the visible light spectrum.

Advancements in LED illumination

Control and management of the visual experience and the extensive range of available applications have extended the possibilities of lighting performance within a built environment.
migrating birds

Five building tips to help migrating birds this spring

Many feathered friends won't be making it to their northern breeding areas this spring due to fatal collisions with reflective and transparent glass.

Turning the workplace into a calming retreat

For workers seeking relief from media over-saturation and cramped living environments, the workplace can function as a retreat from the overstimulation of daily life.