Poll sees decline in global workforce well-being

Being actively disengaged at work is equivalent to or worse than being unemployed when it comes to well-being.
west end vancouver

Resolvable barriers still impede accessibility

The building features that most commonly impede people with disabilities are not those that are the costliest or most structurally complicated to correct, new survey findings show.
Maisonneuve Library

Maisonneuve Library turns a new page

The Beaux-Arts-style Maisonneuve Library underwent sensitive internal and external renovations to meet changing user needs and expand programming that was accessible for all.

How good is your FM data?

Data serves as the backbone of facility management processes and influences decision-making at every level in an organization.

Plastic chemicals face growing scrutiny

The United Nations Environment Assembly adopted a resolution on March 2, 2022, to end plastic pollution by 2040.

Civic spaces rise to net-zero heights in Edmonton

Fire stations have evolved into a much broader sense of community as cities seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reach net-zero targets partially through design.
supply chain

Navigating supply chain transparency legislation 

The deadline for Canadian businesses to file their first annual report on supply chain transparency is fast approaching.
Decarbonization roadmap navigators now in demand

Decarbonization roadmap navigators in demand

Real estate operators are looking to consultants, turnkey contractors and software for navigational assistance in developing and implementing decarbonization roadmaps.
Alberta to tighten grip on public sector facilities managers

Alberta to tighten grip on public sector FMs

The Alberta government is moving to tighten its grip on public entities that are defined as “creatures of the province,” yet have conventionally had leeway to seek and accept direct federal investment.
Resilience still lacks climate action profile

Resilience still lacks climate action profile

Climate change adaptation measures are typically viewed as risk management rather than levers for investment returns, but they are inherently linked to building and portfolio value.

Visualizing office activity with advanced tech

Given the pressure to align with emerging industry standards, incorporating cutting-edge facility management technology is essential to ensure the seamless operation of commercial spaces.
Energy storage prompts battery of precautions

Energy storage prompts a battery of precautions

In step with the projected surge in energy storage installations, fire safety advisors are actively working to help clean tech adopters understand and mitigate the risks.
Taxing debate awaits Toronto commercial parking

Taxing debate awaits Toronto commercial parking

Debate about a proposed surcharge on commercial parking spaces in Toronto has been deferred until City Council begins to consider 2025 budget measures.
Tenant lounge

Tenant lounge reborn from vacant retail space

A former convenience store, adjacent to the lobby inside a downtown Toronto office tower, has been transformed into a private 1920s-style Art Deco lounge for tenant meetings and events.

Canada far from meeting accessibility goals

Federally-regulated organizations will need to prioritize specific actions that advance accessibility and disability inclusion by 2040.

How AI can help facility management

The toughest job of integrating AI into daily work life may be getting the facility management team on board.
State of good repair lags in Toronto

State of good repair lags in City of Toronto

Toronto is backsliding on the upkeep of municipal facilities, with a state of good repair backlog that’s projected to surpass $1 billion this year and then continue accumulating to nearly $1.47 billion by 2033.