Property Tax

divergent property tax regimes

Canadian Property Management

Cities exhibit divergent property tax regimes

This annual look at the apportionment of the tax burden gives a more complete picture of the pressures on the commercial and multi-residential sectors than simply referencing property tax rates.
vacant unit rebate

Canadian Property Management

Cities poised to terminate vacant unit rebate

Past, present and would-be recipients bristle at suggestions that the rebate is a subsidy or a disincentive to improve the marketability of their properties.
CVA-related tax increases

Canadian Property Management

CVA-related tax increases still levied unevenly

Last year, 4,955 of Toronto's commercial properties were still under a property tax cap, which 7,107 other commercial properties funded via clawbacks.
optional property tax class

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Optional property tax class set to be mandatory

Though expressed somewhat vaguely, the Ontario government's newly announced housing plan forewarns that all municipalities will be required to adopt the new multi-residential property class and align it with the tax rate applied to residential properties.
housing market

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Furor over MPAC multi-res cap rates predicted

Assessment notices for nearly 16,000 Ontario multi-residential properties will be mailed out next week, delivering valuations determined for the first time with the newly adopted direct capitalization methodology.
land transfer tax


Ontario’s new four-year assessment cycle begins

Ontario's Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) reports province-wide residential property values have increased by an average of 4.5 per since January 2012.