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Manitoba adds another year to the current property assessment cycle, taking it to 2023

Canadian Property Management

Manitoba stretches property assessment cycle

An extra year of tax apportionment based on pre-pandemic values could be a harsh postponement for some property owners. The scheduling adjustment is expected to hurt the most in the retail and hospitality sectors.
live music venues

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Property tax relief for Toronto’s live music venues

Property tax relief is available for Toronto’s live music venues though the newly expanded Creative Co-Location Facilities Property Tax Subclasses.
Postponed reassessment delays Ontario's next property tax cycle

Canadian Property Management

Ontario to delay next property tax cycle

The move was announced in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, but additionally opens a window to adjust the mechanics of the assessment process itself.
Ontario municipalities revise schedules for property tax payments

Canadian Property Management

Schedules for property tax payments in flux

Late penalties for Toronto property tax, water and solid waste utility bills have been suspended until mid-May, while ratepayers get an additional 60 days to make tax payments. Mississauga has added 90 days to its tax payment deadlines.
education property tax deferrals introduced in Ontario and Alberta

Canadian Property Management

ON/AB: education property tax relief introduced

Alberta and Ontario are offering ratepayers temporary relief from the education portion of property tax bills.
New Brunswick promises property tax relief for commercial and residential landlords

Canadian Property Management

New Brunswick property tax relief set for 2021

Commercial ratepayers will see a phased 15 per cent cut in the property tax rate, in step with previously promised tax reductions for residential landlords.
Montreal property owners

Canadian Property Management

Complacency could cost Montreal property owners

Proposed changes to Quebec's Act Respecting Municipal Taxation will tighten the timeline for disputing the property values ascribed to smaller apartment and commercial buildings assessed at less than $3 million.
industrial property assessment

Canadian Property Management

NB confers on industrial property assessment

A standing committee of New Brunswick's legislative assembly is exploring whether equipment and machinery used in manufacturing and industrial processes should be factored into the assessed value of the property.
property tax breaks

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Alberta enables long-term property tax breaks

Newly adopted amendments to Alberta's Municipal Government Act extend provisions that were initially devised to support the rejuvenation of derelict brownfields to all non-residential properties.
property tax shifts

Canadian Property Management

Property tax shifts continue to plague Calgary

Nearly 12,000 non-residential ratepayers will get some relief from the property tax shifts Calgary's sliding downtown office values triggered this year
MPAC board

Canadian Property Management

Municipalities could lose clout on MPAC board

A new government means a new round of scrutiny for Ontario's property assessment agency.
Ontario municipalities revise schedules for property tax payments

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Multi-res property tax rate hits tenants hard

Author, broker and landlord instructor Chris Seepe breaks down the hidden expenses in rent that may surprise some residential tenants.
Industrial properties

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Ontario cues agenda for industrial properties

The action is included in a list of initiatives associated with Bill 66, the proposed Restoring Ontario's Competitiveness Act, even though none of the bill's dozens of legislative amendments pertain to the Assessment Act.
Commercial ratepayers

Canadian Property Management

Few favours for commercial ratepayers in 2018

Tax ratios for 11 of Canada's largest cities demonstrate that commercial ratepayers consistently carry a disproportionate share of the municipal property tax burden.
Smoothing of tax inequities

Canadian Property Management

REALPAC calls for smoothing of tax inequities

An illogical quirk in the apportionment of business education tax continues to undermine competitiveness for some of Ontario's major cities, advocates for the commercial real estate sector maintain.
property tax grant

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Developers decry pullback on property tax grant

Rules for the program are set to change, making the timing less than ideal for development proponents still awaiting a decision based on the original criteria in place when they submitted their applications.
property assessment

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Ontario revises property assessment schedule

The launch of a new four-year cycle in 2017 spurred a wave of assessment appeals as property owners reacted to often dramatic increases in value over the previous assessment.