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rent sticker shock

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Rent sticker shock awaits Canadians in the U.S.

Asking rents in the five largest American cities of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Phoenix appear moderately to dramatically steeper than Canadian tenants typically pay.
multifamily deals Greybrook

Canadian Apartment Magazine

US multifamily deals top office again in 2018

Canadian investors acquired USD $9.8 billion worth of multifamily properties in the United States last year, but that's a fairly small portion of the sector's USD $167.5 billion transaction volume.
Canada-U.S. trade war

Canadian Property Management

Real estate vulnerable to Canada-U.S. trade war

High-rise development is expected to be the hardest hit real estate activity, but fallout across a wider range of consumer goods has potential negative implications for commercial warehouse and distribution facilities.
looming multifamily exodus

Canadian Apartment Magazine

U.S. birth data hints looming multifamily exodus

U.S. housing analysts are drawing links between the rising age of first-time mothers and the country's vibrant multifamily apartment market in recent years.
retail real estate

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U.S. retail real estate remains competitive

Recent analysis from MSCI finds that retail asset performance actually edged slightly ahead of non-retail assets in the 2012-2017 period.
HVAC manufacturers

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U.S. HVAC manufacturers steel for job loss

The association representing American HVAC manufacturers calls threatened new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports "injurious" to the sector and to manufacturing jobs in general.
new U.S. tax rules

Canadian Property Management

New U.S. tax rules alter competitive landscape

Commercial real estate operations within Canada could experience fallout simply due to the interconnectedness of the two economies, while companies with holdings on both sides of the border may be pushed to reassess some of their financing strategies and structures.
smaller U.S. markets

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Cash deals prevail in smaller U.S. markets

International investors are predominantly paying cash for commercial acquisitions in mid-sized and smaller U.S. markets.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

GE factory breaks ground in Welland

A ground-breaking ceremony was held in Welland for GE’s first Brilliant Factory in Canada. PCL Constructors Canada is the project’s general contractor.
China Flag

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U.S. real estate gaining Chinese investment

Canada remains the predominant foreign investor in the U.S. commercial market, with acquisitions totalling $24.6 billion in 2015, but Chinese purchasers significantly outpaced Canadian residential investment last year.
Washington D.C.

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Climate change adaptation on U.S. code agenda

A special conference hosted by the U.S. White House focused on the role codes and standards could play in bolstering building and infrastructure resilience during and in the aftermath of extreme weather events.

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Best real estate value pegged for U.S. markets

Orlando, Florida, and the Texas cities of Austin and San Antonio are identified as the U.S. markets offering investors the best real estate value for 2016.
apartment market

Canadian Apartment Magazine

U.S. apartment rents and value still climbing

Last year's average sales price of USD $131,233 per unit was 40 per cent higher than the peak prior to the 2008 financial crisis.

Building Strategies & Sustainability

U.S. reps waylay energy performance standards

Newly passed legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives would enable a pullback on energy performance standards and thwart energy-saving initiatives with a payback period longer than 10 years.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Bristol-Myers Squibb selects JLL for FM services

Bristol-Myers Squibb has selected JLL to provide facility management and occupancy planning services for its 16 sites in the United States and Puerto Rico.

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U.S. Realtors want FHA condo rules relaxed

A majority of U.S. condos are being denied FHA-approval due to what the industry has deemed unnecessarily strict requirements.