The evolution of the building directory

Over the past decade, digital directories have moved from a place to locate tenants to interactive digital information hubs for the building. Now, the opportunity to provide relevant information to visitors as they enter the building is almost endless.

BentallGreenOak & Fitwel championing healthy buildings

As a Fitwel® Champion and Industry Advisor for the Viral Response Module, BentallGreenOak is helping to ensure evolving health and wellness demands are met in Canadian real estate.

Supporting patient networks with digital signage

Better patient experiences result in stronger healthcare outcomes. However, enhancing these experiences means making the healthcare journey as efficient and stress-free as possible for both

Managing a facility’s HVAC demands

Facility managers face important decisions every day. Not only do they have to maintain equipment, prioritize improvements to their building, and manage their budget, they are also responsible for ensuring the facility supports every occupant
Tork Office Hygiene

Making facility hygiene a priority

As life in Canada gradually starts returning to normal with greater COVID-19 vaccine availability and officials easing social restrictions, ensuring proper hygiene in public places remains critical to health and safety. 
Tork Office Hygiene

Preparing offices for the post-pandemic future

It’s only a matter of time before many work-from-home employees fully return to the office. Yet before employers can welcome them back safely, workplace well-being and hygiene must be addressed.

Raising the alarm: The need for certified fire safety support

Avoidable disasters and regulatory changes have underscored the need for stronger fire prevention measures in recent years. And for facility owners and managers, this means applying extra due diligence when adopting the fire safety systems, training, and certified professionals to keep occupants safe.

A new day for FIRST ONSITE

With decades of experience in the field, FirstOnSite Restoration is taking the next step.

Sustainability on Display 

Promoting sustainability is key to leaner and more resilient facility operations. For this reason, facility managers/owners are relying on digital signage to get their messages across. 
parking structures

Smarter, Better Parking Structures

Find out more about Parksmart, a voluntary certification program that recognizes high-performing, sustainable parking structures.
FSI Canada

Dexterra & FSI Canada: A Partnership Taking FM to New Heights

Under growing pressure to drive efficiencies, push sustainability and maximize asset performance, embracing technology has become more and more pivotal to the work FMs do every day.
reports solutions

A place to call home: Help shape more resilient cities

2020 has taken our cities by surprise. Canadians are demanding productive, private, and personalized spaces to live, work, and play. The health and economic implications
Cascades PRO

Superior dispensers, superior protection with Cascades PRO

78% of Americans are concerned about touching surfaces in public restrooms during the coronavirus pandemic. And 67% mention paper towels as their preferred method of

Don’t Forget the Soap

The 2020 pandemic has turned a focus on hand hygiene, and while using hand sanitizer is important for preventing the spread of SARS-COV-2, it's critical to keep regular handwashing with soap in the mix.

A Shock of Life: Making AEDs more accessible

In a cardiac arrest, every moment counts. Promisingly, research shows that using an automated external defibrillator (AED) in conjunction with CPR within minutes of a
paper hand towels

Scientists Recommend Drying with Paper Hand Towels

Drying your hands with paper hand towels is the most effective method for reducing the proliferation of bacteria among people.

Setting a new standard at Ken Soble Tower

With mechanical systems nearing end of life, inadequate ventilation and other issues, the 50-year Ken Soble Tower was in critical need of an upgrade.