Gavin Bajin, Director of Business Services, ServiceMaster Clean

The value of a healthy office

Gavin Bajin, Director of Business Services, ServiceMaster Clean, explains the benefits of a ‘clean” program – from ‘green’ cleaning products and occupant health, to the equipment and methods needed to effectively remove germs and bacteria from the workplace.
Caroline Robbie

Office space design for the next generation

This video report discusses the future of office space design. Commentator: Caroline Robbie of Quadrangle Architects Limited.
Caesar Ruest

Building information modelling

Caesar Ruest, construction solutions executive at AutoDesk, explains the benefits of building information modelling (BIM) in facility management.

Allocating resources for energy conservation

This video report addresses how a company can save energy and money by investing in energy conservation projects. Commentator: Blair Kingsland of Cortex Energy Management Inc.

Designing for health care

This video report looks at new approaches to designing for health care facilities. Commentator: Aaron Cheng of C& Partners Architects Inc.

Acoustics in the workplace

This video report looks at common noise complaints in the workplace, and provides tips and strategies for building the ideal acoustical environment. Commentators: K.R. Moeller Associates' Niklas Moeller and Stantec Consulting's Kana Ganesh.
Jesse Klimitz Jane Sleeth

Accessible commercial facilities

This video report looks at accessibility standards in commercial facilities, from both legislative and design perspectives. Commentators: Quadrangle Architects' Jesse Klimitz and Optimal Performance Consultants' Jane Sleeth.
Bernard Siedlecki & Terry Runka

New standard to prevent Legionnaires’ disease

This video report looks at the new standard (ASHRAE 188) to prevent Legionnaires' disease. Commentators: Pinchin Environmental's Bernard Siedlecki and Chem-Aqua Canada's Terry Runka.