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How much insurance coverage is enough?

It’s the age-old question insurance buyers have been asking since the dawn of the industry. How much is enough? The answer can take one of two forms. The amount is either easily determined or impossible to know.

The value of an apartment water audit

What is an apartment water audit and how is it done? Klaus Reichardt of Waterless No-Flush Urinals offers his expert advice.
Sink drain

How to get rid of and prevent drain flies

How can staff and tenants get rid of and prevent drain flies? Dan McCabe of Magical Pest Control offers his expert advice.
LED light

Building energy audits 101

What do building energy audits involve? Narayana Asogan of New Dawn Energy Solutions explains.
Snow melt

Prevent flooding caused by snow melt

What steps can property owners take to prevent flooding caused by snow melt? Kevin Wong of the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating explains.
Apartments using social media, mobile devices

Apartments using social media to attract Gen Y

Peter Altobelli of Yardi Systems Inc. explains how apartments using social media and mobile-friendly services can attract millennial renters and staff.

How to create an effective website

How can property owners and managers create an effective website to stay competitive online? Chaim Rivlin of Rent Seeker offers this advice.
Pest infestation

How to spot and prevent pest infestations

What are the early signs of a pest infestation, and what steps should be taken once one is identified? Dan Dawson of Orkin Canada offers his expert advice.
Messy Room

How to handle a hoarding tenant

What are the right steps to take when dealing with a hoarding tenant? Christopher Statham of Devry Smith Frank LLP explains.

The benefits of submetering

What are the benefits of electrical submetering? Leah Werry of Wyse Meter Solutions offers this explanation.
Apartment Winter

Cut down on electricity usage during the winter

What are some simple ways that property managers can cut down on electricity during the winter months? Paula Gasparro of CMCH offers her advice.
Skyline Keys

What to consider when financing a mortgage

What factors should borrowers consider when looking for mortgage financing? Peter Cook, assistant VP of commercial lending at First National Financial, offers his advice.
Derek Lobo

Don’t let a sale fall apart

Why do deals typically fall apart when buying and selling apartments? Derek Lobo, CEO of Rock Advisors Inc., offers his insight.

Prevent rental ads from being flagged as spam

What steps can be taken to prevent ads from being ‘ghosted’ on Craigslist? Carissa Drohan-Jennings, account manager at, explains.

Connecting with tenants through social media

How should a property manager use social media to connect with tenants? Chaim Rivlin, president and CEO of, provides insight.

Lowering the risk of employee theft

What are the risks and implications of employee theft? Insurance broker Andreas Schwartze explains.

Stair railings a necessary safety feature

When should stairwell railings be updated? Dennis Parolin, president of Dufferin Iron & Railings, provides insight.