Ask an Expert

winter preventative maintenance program

Seasonal preventative maintenance tips

Mark Kesseler, Vice President, Construction & Physical Operations at Greenwin, provides the following pre-winter preventative maintenance program tips for property managers.
swimming pool

Getting the most from your swimming pool

Martyn Knowles, Commercial Sales Manager for Hayward Canada, shares swimming pool design and maintenance tips for apartment building owners.

Creating the ultimate modern laundry room

Chris Brick, commercial laundry product and brand training manager at Whirlpool Corporation shares laundry room trends and insights.

Sub-metering and the multifamily space

Peter Mills, Co-CEO of Wyse Meter Solutions, reports on the latest advancements in sub-metering and how it is reshaping the multifamily space.

Simple ways to improve your lobby design

Creating an inviting, welcoming feeling is part of your lobby’s job. But, as time ticks on, many building entrances tend took just the opposite: dowdy

Rising performance demands for elevators

Given the number of tall towers, elevators are more important than ever before. Cliff Ayling, of Ayling Consulting Services, offers important maintenance and safety tips.
modular apartments

The scoop on modular apartment design

Modular apartment design has been one of the industry's trending topics of 2015. To shed some light on this surge of interest, we spoke to Denis Jones, President and CEO of Auctus property fund, Knysna Management Group and Deveraux Developments
Effectively managing rental vacancy

Effectively managing rental vacancy

Andrew Lowe, Director, Residential Real Estate Management, Oxford Properties Group, discusses the art of maximizing revenue and minimizing vacancy loss.

Engaging tenants in energy-savings initiatives

Randy Daiter, vice president, residential at M&R Holdings provides tips for maximizing tenant participation

How much insurance coverage is enough?

It’s the age-old question insurance buyers have been asking since the dawn of the industry. How much is enough? The answer can take one of two forms. The amount is either easily determined or impossible to know.

The value of an apartment water audit

What is an apartment water audit and how is it done? Klaus Reichardt of Waterless No-Flush Urinals offers his expert advice.
water system guide

How to get rid of and prevent drain flies

How can staff and tenants get rid of and prevent drain flies? Dan McCabe of Magical Pest Control offers his expert advice.
LED light

Building energy audits 101

What do building energy audits involve? Narayana Asogan of New Dawn Energy Solutions explains.
Snow melt

Prevent flooding caused by snow melt

What steps can property owners take to prevent flooding caused by snow melt? Kevin Wong of the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating explains.
Apartments using social media, mobile devices

Apartments using social media to attract Gen Y

Peter Altobelli of Yardi Systems Inc. explains how apartments using social media and mobile-friendly services can attract millennial renters and staff.

How to create an effective website

How can property owners and managers create an effective website to stay competitive online? Chaim Rivlin of Rent Seeker offers this advice.
Pest infestation

How to spot and prevent pest infestations

What are the early signs of a pest infestation, and what steps should be taken once one is identified? Dan Dawson of Orkin Canada offers his expert advice.