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Prevent pests from populating your property

No matter the time of year, pests are professionals at making their way into your facility, seeking shelter from the elements in colder months and places to breed in warm seasons.

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Top ten bedbug cities in Canada

Canada's largest pest control company – Orkin Canada – has released its second annual list of top bedbug cities.
flood season

Canadian Property Management

Spring pests return for flood season

Flood season is arriving to regions across Canada, posing a significant risk to infrastructure, potential loss of life and pest-related health risks.

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Options for handling forgotten waste areas

There are now several options that help facilities proactively address issues related to forgotten and ignored waste areas.
rodent activity

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Warmer weather to boost fall rodent activity

Summer-like conditions this past September and now October may contribute to higher rodent activity in the fall season.

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Top ten Canadian cities for bedbugs

Toronto tops a list of bedbug hot spots, according to Orkin Canada’s first list of bedbug cities. Bedbug encounters are more likely during travel seasons.

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

No vacancy for pests in hotels

With the right strategy in place, hotels can put out the “no vacancy” sign for pests and help ensure guests have a pleasant stay.
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Keeping the dirtiest pests out of foodservice areas

To avoid negative publicity, it’s important to be aware of the dirtiest pests that are the greatest risk to your restaurant area.
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Canadian Apartment Magazine

Preventative maintenance for pest control

Preventative maintenance of outdoor amenities is essential for effective pest management. By creating an integrated action plan that continues throughout the year, property managers will have a better chance of keeping unwanted critters out...and happy residents in.

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Facility fights bedbugs with creative invention

Bedbugs are becoming a huge concern in North America, spreading throughout hotels, stores, offices, apartment buildings.
cockroach infestation renovated schools

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Schools face risk of cockroach infestation

Cockroach infestations in schools are not uncommon. All it takes is one female with an egg case to start a population. Here are some prevention strategies.
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Pest prevention for pools and other amenities

A condominium’s amenities should set it apart from competitors, keeping owners and residents happy and suites occupied — at least, that’s the goal. A property

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Small steps for eliminating ants

When thinking about the most dangerous and irritating pests, ants may not come to mind and are often brushed aside as a simple nuisance.
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Canadian Facility Management & Design

Lighting the path to improved pest management

Most facility managers don’t consider pest management when designing and installing lighting systems in and around their properties, but they should.
Sink drain

Canadian Apartment Magazine

How to get rid of and prevent drain flies

How can staff and tenants get rid of and prevent drain flies? Dan McCabe of Magical Pest Control offers his expert advice.
City Birds

Canadian Property Management

Choosing the right bird netting for a property

Different types of bird netting have different strengths and uses. Property managers can pick products to prevent pest birds of all types and sizes.
Pest infestation

Canadian Apartment Magazine

How to spot and prevent pest infestations

What are the early signs of a pest infestation, and what steps should be taken once one is identified? Dan Dawson of Orkin Canada offers his expert advice.