Construction Business

Boosting morale during COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to spread, so do the feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. Many employers are boosting morale with creative initiatives.
climate economic

Construction Business

Economic recovery program addresses climate change

Funding from StrongerBC: BC’s Economic Recovery Plan for the Climate Adaptation Program will increase roadway resiliency.

Construction Business

Infrastructure projects spur construction activity

Major infrastructure projects will ensure the B.C. construction industry stays busy including two high-profile transportation ones.
Upfront costs pose barrier for low-income householders to tap into energy retrofit incentives

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Upfront costs hinder access to energy savings

More than 110 industry associations, building service/product providers and public advocacy and community development groups are voicing support for no-cost incentives targeted specifically to low-income households.
Women experience vast share of 2020 real estate job loss

Canadian Property Management

Women bear brunt of 2020 real estate job loss

Women were jettisoned from 14,300 of the roughly 16,000 positions Ontario's real estate, rental and leasing sector shed last year.
average rent

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Average rent in Canada down 8.7% in January

The average rent for all Canadian properties in January 2021 dropped to $1,714 per month, down 8.7 per cent compared to January 2020.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

How FMs can leverage data in 2021

IoT platforms that use overhead sensors, booking data, and smartphone space-reservations to pull analytics, are increasingly playing a key role in supporting the growing data-driven workplace.
AdvantAge Ontario

Canadian Apartment Magazine

AdvantAge Ontario research backs seniors’ “campuses of care”

Newly released research from AdvantAge Ontario sheds a positive light on a model of senior care, known to the sector as "campuses of care".
aging residential towers

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Investing in Canada’s aging residential towers

Aging residential towers are in dire need of investment, something the pandemic has underscored given the scores of frontline workers who’ve been disproportionately affected.
Q4 cap rate trends

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Q4 cap rate trends vary by sector

Cap rates trended upwards for downtown office, hotels and most retail categories during the fourth quarter of 2020, while compressing further for industrial and low-rise multifamily properties.
COVID-19 clips 2020 investment performance

Canadian Property Management

COVID-19 clips 2020 investment performance

A ten-year run of capital growth abruptly reversed, resulting in a 7.8 per cent loss of value across the 2,356 assets that the 44 portfolios represented in the Canada Annual Property Index hold.
pandemic response

REMI Network

Auditing a condo’s pandemic response

In the thick of a second wave, industry members are more aware of the foresight required of them, prompting recent questions about pandemic response.
FM leaders

Canadian Facility Management & Design

FM leaders share career-boosting advice

FM leaders reveal the obstacles they overcame to attain their higher-level positions and how future professionals can follow suit.ƒƒ
skills training

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B.C. program funds high demand skills training

The B.C. government has launched a new Skills Training for Economic Recovery program in order to support people affected by COVID-19.
skills gap


Closing the condo manager skills gap

This pandemic has helped condo managers to identify relevant skill gaps in relation to being prepared for the unexpected.
clauses force

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Force majeure clauses in contracts

Since the beginning of COVID-19, one issue that has garnered attention in contracts is the applicability of force majeure clauses.
Multifamily assets outperform the 2020 national average total return for the Canada Property Index

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Multifamily assets surpass 2020 index average

Newly released 2020 investment results find industrial and multifamily assets on the positive side of the national average total return for 2,356 directly held standing assets, which registered -4.1 per cent.