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Uncovering undetected leaks on condo properties

Water bills may not be getting the attention they deserve in condo corporations if the bills are simply paid without a look at where the charges come from.
elevator repair

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Standards for elevator repair times one step closer

The Ontario government last week passed legislation aimed at addressing concerns about elevator availability in the province.
Fraternity and sorority houses

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Toronto reviews fraternity and sorority houses

Toronto's licensing and standards committee will consider recommendations for more rigorous scrutiny of fraternity and sorority houses, which would require operators to annually prove the status of their properties.

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Wet weather underscores importance of matting

Freezing rain this week served as a reminder of the important role mats can play in limiting the amount of dirt and moisture that enters facilities.
pest control


Advances in pest control could help condos

Several recent advances in pest control could help condo managers combat the bed bugs, flies, others insects and rodents that can invade their properties.
catch basin


Catch basin upkeep critical as potholes proliferate

Have there been more potholes this year than in previous years? An informal survey says yes, and parking lots on condo properties are not immune.


Will ‘ultra-high-rises’ cost more to maintain?

The new crop of 'ultra-high-rise' condos rising in Toronto will be more complicated and consequently more costly to maintain, one engineer is warning.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Scale build-up weighs on HVAC efficiency

Scale build-up can weigh on HVAC efficiency, making preventative maintenance important to controlling energy costs and preventing premature failure.


Excess moisture increases pest pressure

In addition to making living spaces uncomfortable, indoor moisture problems can lead to structural damage, health and pest problems.
winter mat


How to maintain purchased winter mats

Purchased mats tend to be ideally suited to the moist winter conditions, but they need to be properly cleaned and cared for. Here's how.

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Feds pledge $24.4-mil for military grave repairs

The federal budget, released Tuesday, earmarks $24.4 million for military grave repairs.

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Manitoba approves almost $30-mil to maintain health facilities

Manitoba plans to spend nearly $30 million on 120 healthcare facility maintenance projects across the province.
post-construction cleaning

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Post-construction cleaning offers fresh start

Post-construction cleaning is a critical project step that helps remove harmful dust and residue left behind by new builds and renovations alike.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Cleaning schedules revisited in open offices

How can cleaning workers complete their tasks as office workers clock less defined work hours in open offices, challenging traditional cleaning schedules?
Internet of Things

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Facility managers eye IoT investments

Nearly two-thirds of facility managers are interested in implementing new digital technologies such as intelligent analytics, according to a recent study.


Ontario looks to boost elevator availability

Ontario is looking to boost elevator availability in multi-storey residential buildings, as well as long-term care and seniors’ homes.
building operators

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Building operators highly sought and lowly paid

Building operations and maintenance positions are at the bottom of the pay scale in a sector that reports a general skills shortage.