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Can outdoor pests be sustainably managed?

How can condo corporations avoid choices that will apply pest pressures to their properties when it comes to landscaping?
curb appeal


Condo landscaping tips for curb appeal

Careful planning and high and low-design cost options will quickly transform any curb-appeal project into improved real estate value.
native trees

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Planting native trees cools communities over time

Planting native trees, shrubs, flowers and grasses can cool the summer daytime temperature of an area by more than 4 C in a decade.
site preparation and excavation are among construction activities allowed to resume in Ontario


Ontario permits more construction activities

Landscaping and lawn care are also on a shortlist of businesses allowed to offer services if they adhere to public health protocol.
concrete repair


Steps for a solid concrete repair plan

When planning a concrete repair, develop a long-range master landscape plan that includes replacement trees that will have less impact over time.

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Roundup herbicide causing loss of biodiversity

A new study reveals that Roundup, the popular glyphosate-based herbicide, is making ecosystems more vulnerable to pollution and climate change.

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Fertilizer tips for a healthy looking lawn

Here’s everything facility managers and building owners need to know about how to select the right lawn fertilizer.

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Breathing life into outdoor spaces

Jase DeBoer, Senior Category Marketing Manager at Deckorators provides design tips and solutions for better outdoor amenity spaces.
680 Queens Quay Podium Deck Rehab


Making Your Podium Deck a Priority

Costs and logistics can make a podium deck project seem intimidating. But with the right team and a strategic approach, it can yield lasting benefits.
landscaping contracts


How to negotiate landscaping contracts

What should condominium corporations look for in landscaping contracts? Experience suggests the most successful relationships between condominium corporations and landscape contractors always involve two things:
electric landscaping

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Electric landscaping project a first in Canada

International Landscaping won a bid for Meadowvale North Business Park in Ontario and is now working on Canada’s largest electric landscaping project.
Condo Garden


Tips on revitalizing condo landscapes

Using long-term planning and designing condo landscapes that emphasize user enjoyment can lead to increased property values.

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Seasonal landscaping tips

With spring in the air, now is the perfect time to consider landscaping plans for the whole year.

Building Strategies & Sustainability

Green from the outside-in

There has been an incredible explosion of products and services available to those looking to create environmentally advanced buildings. Here is an update on innovative green products for the building exterior.


Improving water efficiency

There are many aging irrigation systems that operate ineffectively. Thankfully, advances in technology mean many of the inefficiencies can be reduced or ...