National Home Warranty

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Hub to acquire assets of National Home Warranty

Hub has signed a purchase agreement to acquire the assets of National Home Warranty, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aviva Canada Inc.

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Simple upgrades for winter resilience

What are some simple and cost-effective upgrades a condo corporation can implement to make their building more resilient in winter?
Insurtech products gain market in Hong Kong

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Asia-Pacific provides climate for insurtech

Smart technology and climate volatility underpin emergent property insurance products and the growing demand for them in the Asia-Pacific region.
Flood preparedness

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Why are insurance costs rising?

Insurance costs for condo corporations have been rising. Some face sharp increases in premiums and deductibles; others are unable to renew their insurance.

Canadian Apartment Magazine

COVID-19 and your insurance policy

Michael Fried, President of Aftermath Consulting Group, LLC., addresses uncertainties related to insurance coverage and best practices for protecting assets, employees and residents.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

A Property for All Seasons

It's important to determine a property's ability to withstand the elements before it's put to the test, yet many property managers and owners keep climate resiliency low on their list of priorities.

Canadian Apartment Magazine

In deep water

Extreme weather events are directly impacting the cost of residential property insurance, but there are ways to keep rising costs at bay.
insurance industry

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Insurance industry unprepared for extreme weather

As historic flooding devastates communities in NB and BC, new research reveals the insurance industry hasn’t considered climate change in their practices.

Construction Business

Minimizing Liability Risk

What is professional liability insurance and what it covers are common questions by many within the construction, design and engineering communities. Construction professionals such as

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Lack of insurance puts UK landlords at risk

According to a recent report, a vast proportion of UK landlords are putting their properties and finances at risk after failing to purchase adequate insurance
Gen Y

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Sharing economy expands Gen Y liability risks

Lack of tenant insurance is endemic across all residential renter households, but U.S. risk management specialists caution that Generation Y could be particularly exposed — and oblivious — to liability.

Building Strategies & Sustainability

Infrastructure grapples with climate change

Sustainable leaders in the industry are encouraging municipalities and building owners to grapple with climate change and protect the value of assets.

Construction Business

Limiting liability for engineers

It is often said that construction contracts are all about allocation of risk, and the same can be said about contracts for engineering services.
Ryan Michel


Covering gaps in a condo corporation’s insurance

Where does a condo corporation's insurance policy end and a resident's policy begin? Ryan Michel of Allstate Canada explains.
construction trends

Canadian Property Management

Protection for building envelope remediation

Building envelope renovation warranty insurance ensures the engineers and renovators are qualified for envelope renovation projects.

Construction Business

Ten years and counting

The last 10 years has seen some significant changes and events in the construction industry in B.C., not only in the way the industry operates but in the law that governs those operations.
David Di Lella, Jeff Rodin, Julian McNabb


Condo insurance

This video report looks at condo insurance. Commentators: Horlick Levitt Di Lella's David Di Lella, Nacora Insurance Brokers' Jeff Rodin and Simerra Property Management's Julian McNabb.