ASHRAE LowDown Showdown

Design Quarterly

ASHRAE LowDown Showdown models resilience

Designs for a hypothetical new 90,000-square-foot City Hall in San Diego, California, were evaluated for energy performance, innovation and the collaborative effectiveness of team members.
seismic resistance

Design Quarterly

Californians urge scrutiny of seismic resistance

Legislation to mandate a statewide inventory of buildings deemed to be potentially vulnerable in a major earthquake awaits the Governor of California's signature to become law.

REMI Network

City of Toronto appoints first chief resilience officer

Toronto has appointed Elliott Cappell as its first chief resilience officer.
recycled tires

REMI Network

Recycled tires create more resilient concrete: study

Researchers at the University of British Columbia used recycled tires to develop a stronger concrete that could be used for buildings.
climate data

Construction Business

Climate data to be revamped for future codes

Historical climate data is losing relevance in Canada's model national building, energy, fire and plumbing codes as severe storms, drought and intense heat waves become more frequent.
HVAC manufacturers

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Report finds smart surface technologies could save U.S. city billions

A new report, Achieving Urban Resilience: Washington D.C., documents how D.C. could save $5 billion with smart surface strategies.

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EcoDistricts launches new sustainable framework

EcoDistricts has launched the EcoDistricts Protocol, a process-based framework and performance standard designed to achieve vibrant community outcomes.

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FCM gets $75 million for low-carbon investments

Canada is expanding the role of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in supporting municipalities to reach resilience and low-carbon objectives.