Virtual World Tax Summit will emanate from Montreal, Oct 13-15

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Virtual World Tax Summit to emanate from Montreal

More than 100 speakers will participate in the sixth annual conference, bringing together multi-sectoral perspectives on international tax competition and cooperation.
rent deferrals could transfer burden for GST/HST remittances to landlords

Canadian Property Management

Deferrals should address GST/HST remittances

Tax specialists are reminding commercial landlords that rent deferrals could have flow-through implications for required GST/HST remittances to the Canada Revenue Agency.
tax credit

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Proptech qualifies for new Quebec tax credit

The tax credit applies on purchases of computer hardware, management software or manufacturing/processing equipment made before January 1, 2025.
Alberta revenue boost


New fees and taxes spell Alberta revenue boost

New budget announces plans to double various land title fees, apply the 4 per cent tourism levy on online short-term rental transactions and bring all public sector pension fund investment management back under AIMCo's purview.
Amazon HQ2 contenders

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Toronto weak among Amazon HQ2 contenders

Punditry emanating from the United States characterizes Toronto as an outlier on the short list or overlooks it entirely.
energy-efficient appliances

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Sask resumes PST on energy-efficient appliances

Saskatchewan landlords and developers face a six per cent increase in the price of energy-efficient appliances since the provincial government resumed collecting sales tax on previously exempt products.
Quebec and Newfoundland


Quebec and Newfoundland proffer homebuyer funds

Provincial budgets, released in both provinces on March 27, outline different approaches to financial assistance that's projected to benefit about 430 recipients in Newfoundland and 47,000 in Quebec.
tax break for new rental housing

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Manitoba nixes tax break for new rental housing

Developers of purpose-built rental housing in Manitoba are losing a tax credit that has been available for the past five years.
rent deferrals could transfer burden for GST/HST remittances to landlords

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Investment property imperils preferred tax rate

The new rules capture the demographic of investors who own small low-rise residential or mixed-use commercial-residential buildings as a sideline to their main business ventures.
small tax perk for businesses

Canadian Property Management

Small tax perk for businesses extended to 2025

Claimants gain five more years of accelerated deductions on the capital cost of qualifying renewable energy systems and energy conserving equipment.
new U.S. tax rules

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New U.S. tax rules alter competitive landscape

Commercial real estate operations within Canada could experience fallout simply due to the interconnectedness of the two economies, while companies with holdings on both sides of the border may be pushed to reassess some of their financing strategies and structures.
Montreal condo


Ontario foreign buyer tax may drive Montreal sales

The QFREB says Ontario's new foreign buyer tax may increase the presence of foreign buyers in Montreal's real estate market.
PST exemptions

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Saskatchewan landlords lose key PST exemptions

Saskatchewan landlords experienced a budget double whammy March 22 — receiving the more forceful cost hit from their provincial finance minister.
metro vancouver

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Business applauds B.C. electricity cost relief

The B.C. government has pledged to lower the 7 per cent provincial sales tax (PST) on electricity to 3.5 per cent as of this October, and phase it out completely by April 2019.
Queen's Park

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Ontario threatens retroactive land transfer tax

The suddenness of a new Ontario regulation and, more particularly, its backdating of tax obligations to July 19, 1989, have caught both tax experts and real estate industry advocates off guard.
Jennifer Keesmaat

Canadian Property Management

Targeted tax back on Toronto CRE industry radar

The city of Toronto's renewed contemplation of its special revenue-generating powers has real estate industry advocates proactively calling for a role in any future discussions.
temporary tax cuts

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Temporary tax cuts to promote utility mergers

The 2015 Ontario budget lowers the tax penalty on the sale of local distribution companies for a three-year period beginning in 2016.