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Ontario advances elevator repair legislation

Ontario is kicking the dust off of elevator repair legislation, which was passed under the Liberal government in May 2018 but never proclaimed into law.


Seven tips for building trust in condo communities

It is unlikely that the condo’s declaration, bylaws, rules, or policies include any reference to trust; yet good governance cannot be achieved without it.


Condo managers face pandemic burnout

I am a licensed condominium property manager, I am in my early 30s, and I am completely burned out.


Virtual practices stir up privacy concerns

As Ontario considers making digital and virtual processes permanent, the condo industry is addressing various privacy concerns.
IREM's AMO designation marks diamond anniversary

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AMO designation marks diamond anniversary

The first AMO credentials to signify real estate management companies adhered to IREM's then novel certification standards were conferred in March 1946.
New flat rates for Ontario elevators licenses

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New fee model for Ontario elevator licenses

The flat license rate will penalize mid-rise and high-rise owners with extra costs if an elevator passes the periodic inspection and does not require a follow-up. It will be a bargain if just one follow-up inspection is required.
pandemic response

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Auditing a condo’s pandemic response

In the thick of a second wave, industry members are more aware of the foresight required of them, prompting recent questions about pandemic response.
skills gap


Closing the condo manager skills gap

This pandemic has helped condo managers to identify relevant skill gaps in relation to being prepared for the unexpected.

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Simple upgrades for winter resilience

What are some simple and cost-effective upgrades a condo corporation can implement to make their building more resilient in winter?
Commercial landlords pledge free space to accommodate COVID-19 vaccination clinics

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Landlords would welcome vaccination clinics

Prominent commercial landlords are offering free space to accommodate COVID-19 vaccination clinics and related support services in malls, conference centres, office buildings and other well-located sites throughout Canada.
Entrenched social inequities reverberate through to commercial real estate

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Cracking through entrenched social inequities

Commercial real estate investors, owners and managers are acknowledging that entrenched social inequities undermine their workforces, their tenants and the value of their portfolios.
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Is remote condo management working?

Portfolio managers and supervising managers remain in the wilderness of the home office, strategizing, planning, and serving clients from the comfort of their home.
mental illness


Mental illness in condos amid a pandemic

The role a condo corporation plays in the life of a resident struggling with mental illness can often be a delicate matter.


Inside one condo board’s COVID-19 response

In February, before the WHO declared a global pandemic, talk among the condo board at Palace Pier was of various news reports piling in.

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Is Your Condo Well Managed?

A condo is more than a mere asset; it is possibly the largest investment the owner will ever make; and, more importantly, it is their home.
skills gap

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New education program for condo managers

Over the past year, the CMRAO has developed a roadmap and course curriculum that incorporates the identified competencies within the educational requirements.
IREM award


Edmonton firm wins IREM award of excellence

Edmonton-based Ayre & Oxford Inc. is doubly celebrating its 25th anniversary in the real estate management business and its newly received Real Estate Management Excellence (REME) Award.