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Climate projections

REMI Network

Climate projections show Ottawa will get warmer, wetter

Ottawa will continue to get warmer and wetter year-round, with a greater chance of extreme weather, according to recent climate projections.
A new round of the federal Enabling Accessibility Fund is now open to applicants

Canadian Property Management

Enabling Accessibility Fund opens for proposals

A new flat-rate costing formula will replace the previous requirement to submit construction quotes and other budget information. Instead, applicants can match their proposals to standardized specifications.
challenges May 2020

Canadian Apartment Magazine

More challenges in store for rental-housing sector

Challenges due to COVID-19 continue to rock the apartment sector, with landlords fearing a rise in rent arrears as May 1 approaches.
living walls

Canadian Property Management

Survival prospects upbeat for living walls

Like humans, living walls might be overdue for a trim, but few are imperilled in the now largely empty surroundings of commercial and institutional buildings.
COVID-19's black swan prompts rollout of business continuity and recovery plans

Canadian Property Management

Black swan triggers business continuity plans

Commercial real estate operators are seeking advice across a wide spectrum of expertise as they deploy their crisis management, business continuity and recovery plans.
McMaster Innovation Park

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Mega plans for McMaster Innovation Park

Plans for a 2.5 million-square-foot expansion at McMaster Innovation Park include a life sciences 'megahub.'
licence renewal

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CMRAO extends licence renewal period

CMRAO is extending the application and payment of licence renewals for the 2020 to 2021 licensing year in an effort to ease pressure from the pandemic.
flood response will rely more on independent action during COVID-19 social distancing constraints

Canadian Property Management

Flood response to rely more on independent action

COVID-19 health protocol is sure to complicate flood response and cleanup in commercial and multi-residential buildings in the coming months, particularly if evacuation is required.
new housing

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Traffic intensifies on migratory songbird flight path

Advocates for bird-friendly lighting practices and building design recommend some adjustments to the special lighting displays now popping up on the urban landscape.
REMI Network webinar explores journey back to business as usual

Canadian Property Management

Steering the journey back to business as usual

As property managers look to both industry associations and professional service providers for support to navigate COVID-19 upheaval, REMI Network is bringing the three groups together for webinar-based sharing of insight.


Building staff cope with flood of deliveries

Businesses that provide support and maintenance to buildings figure into the Ontario government’s list of essential services as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds. Condo managers and
residential buildings

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Toronto urges new health, safety policies for residential buildings

The City of Toronto is asking landlords and condo boards to follow specific health and safety guidelines in residential buildings.

REMI Network

COVID-19 resource for condo managers and boards

A new resource, available for managers and boards, offers a due diligent standard approach for fire, safety and security during the COVID-19 response.
Smart buildings harnessed for pandemic response

Canadian Property Management

Smart buildings harnessed for pandemic response

While climate change may have slipped somewhat from people’s consciousness and priorities right now, it’s noteworthy that the pandemic and climate crises are both problems of exponential growth against a limited capacity to cope.
key building services deemed essential in Ontario and Quebec

Canadian Facility Management & Design

ON/QC: access to key building services assured

Building owners, managers and occupants can be assured that life-safety systems, telecommunications, elevators and HVAC can be maintained and repaired as necessary, and that janitorial and security staff are permitted on-site.
energy demand load shifts to residential sector

Canadian Property Management

Energy demand load shifts to residential base

The energy demand load has shifted in sync with much of Ontario’s workforce from commercial to home offices, prompting calls for suspension of time-of-use pricing during the current COVID-19 related upheaval


Slowing the spread of COVID-19 in condos

Boards and property managers of condos play a significant role in protecting residents during emergencies like the recent COVID-19 outbreak.