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BentallGreenOak & Fitwel championing healthy buildings

As a Fitwel® Champion and Industry Advisor for the Viral Response Module, BentallGreenOak is helping to ensure evolving health and wellness demands are met in Canadian real estate.
Canadian CRE players share 2021 portfolio data

Canadian Property Management

Canadian CRE players report 2021 portfolio data

Nearly 200 respondents who collectively own and/or manage more than 2.2 billion square feet of space reported to the 26th annual Who's Who in Canadian Real Estate survey.


Three red flags of risky procurement practices

Federal scrutiny of condo procurement should be sufficient reason for diligent condo boards to examine their procurement practices.
BOMA Canada's 2021 pandemic guide set for release

Canadian Property Management

2021 pandemic guide draws on lessons learned

Ironically, COVID-19 delayed what had been a planned 2020 update, but also generated myriad new insights for the resulting 2021 edition of BOMA Canada's established reference document.


Preventing conflicts from escalating in condos

There are strategies that can be helpful to consider in recognition of the fact that reactive approaches to conflict can be quite costly for condo boards.

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Register at no charge for the 2021 REMI Show

Industry is invited to register at no charge for the virtual REMI SHOW,  taking place on Wednesday, June 16.
property cleaning

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Modernizing property cleaning & maintenance beyond 2021

Pre-pandemic, this had been hiding under the radar of technological innovation.

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New guide demystifies EV charging in MURBs

A new educational guide aims to demystify the complex process of installing EV charging stations in multi-unit residential buildings.
elevator repair


Ontario advances elevator repair legislation

Ontario is kicking the dust off of elevator repair legislation, which was passed under the Liberal government in May 2018 but never proclaimed into law.


Seven tips for building trust in condo communities

It is unlikely that the condo’s declaration, bylaws, rules, or policies include any reference to trust; yet good governance cannot be achieved without it.


Condo managers face pandemic burnout

I am a licensed condominium property manager, I am in my early 30s, and I am completely burned out.


Virtual practices stir up privacy concerns

As Ontario considers making digital and virtual processes permanent, the condo industry is addressing various privacy concerns.
IREM's AMO designation marks diamond anniversary

Canadian Property Management

AMO designation marks diamond anniversary

The first AMO credentials to signify real estate management companies adhered to IREM's then novel certification standards were conferred in March 1946.
New flat rates for Ontario elevators licenses

Canadian Apartment Magazine

New fee model for Ontario elevator licenses

The flat license rate will penalize mid-rise and high-rise owners with extra costs if an elevator passes the periodic inspection and does not require a follow-up. It will be a bargain if just one follow-up inspection is required.
pandemic response

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Auditing a condo’s pandemic response

In the thick of a second wave, industry members are more aware of the foresight required of them, prompting recent questions about pandemic response.
skills gap


Closing the condo manager skills gap

This pandemic has helped condo managers to identify relevant skill gaps in relation to being prepared for the unexpected.

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Simple upgrades for winter resilience

What are some simple and cost-effective upgrades a condo corporation can implement to make their building more resilient in winter?