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church restoration

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Mixed-use restoration set for 150-year-old church

A Toronto developer is converting an historic church in Ingersoll, Ontario, into a mixed-use hub of office, event and retail space.
Westinghouse HQ

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Westinghouse HQ gets new lease on life

The Westinghouse HQ building has been re-envisioned for a new age to become a hub for commercial and cultural activities.
Stovel Block

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Stovel Block in Edmonton designated historical resource

The Stovel Block, an Edwardian-style commercial building in The Quarters neighbourhood of downtown Edmonton, is currently undergoing a restoration.

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Preserving Older Buildings

Heritage buildings, like all buildings, require continued and increasing maintenance as they age. Glade Schoenfeld of RJC Engineers provides conservation best practices to help heritage building owners avoid costly, irreparable damage.