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James Bay communities develop local expertise

Energy conservation initiatives are cutting costs and supporting skills development that make health care operations more self-reliant in five James Bay communities.
high-GWP anesthetic gases

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Little oversight of high-GWP anesthetic gases

Anesthetics commonly used in medical, dental and veterinary surgery have global warming potential ranging from 130 to 2,540 times greater than carbon dioxide, but are largely overlooked when greenhouse gas emissions are officially tallied.

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Healthcare workers often go to work sick: study

Healthcare workers in clinical settings, such as long-term care facilities, often refuse to stay home from work when experiencing influenza-like symptoms.
hospital-acquired infection

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Hospital-acquired infection control market reaches $16 billion

The global hospital-acquired infection (HAI) control market was worth about $16 billion (U.S.) in 2016, according to a new report.
cleaning healthcare facilities

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Clean healthcare facilities without cutting corners

Cleaning healthcare facilities presents a unique challenges due to the presence of pathogens that require a higher cleaning protocol.

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Study finds medical scrubs contain dangerous bacteria

New findings via Duke University reveal that intensive care nurse scrubs are covered in dangerous bacteria that can be transferred between patients.
healthcare laundry facility

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Ecotex/Fengate buy Booth healthcare laundry facility

Ecotex and Fengate have sealed a deal with Booth Centennial Healthcare Linen Services, the largest single-site healthcare laundry facility in North America.
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Teck Acute Care Centre construction milestone

Construction of the Teck Acute Care Centre (TACC), phase 2 of the BC Children’s Hospital and BC Women’s Hospital Redevelopment project, reached a major milestone

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Healthcare engineers trek regulatory landscape

Rental housing landlords sometimes think of themselves as the most regulated real estate operators, but healthcare engineers and facilities managers make a good case for claiming that title
Halifax Infirmary

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Ontario to invest $47.8-mil in new hospital wing

Ontario is investing up to $47.8 million in the construction of a new hospital wing at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Thunder Bay.

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Certification in health-care housekeeping

Demonstrated successful experience in the health-care housekeeping field is often fraught with the pitfall of making and learning from mistakes.