Risk Management

Promise of safe haven woos foreign investors

Promise of safe haven woos foreign investors

Foreign investors contemplating Canada’s multifamily market may see more theoretical than actual opportunity, given the current scarcity of available product.

Navigating the Fire Code

Having a detailed Fire Safety Plan helps ensure the effective use of equipment, fire safety systems, and procedures to protect occupants should hazard strike.

Maintaining a safe property through winter

Residential property managers need to be extra vigilant this time of year to ensure their buildings are safe and properly maintained.
Receptive climate for risk management brewing

Receptive climate for risk management brewing

New guidance for CRE investors and owners/managers highlights climate-related risks, recommended safeguard measures and key questions for gauging the preparedness of assets.

B.C. wildfires force thousands to evacuate

As wildfires spread at an alarming rate, the B.C. government is urging citizens, including multi-unit tenants and property owners, to take precaution.
Swimming pools were a buoyant property upgrade option in 2020

Swimming pool safety and liability

In the hot, hazy days of summer, swimming pools are a great source of fun and relaxation, but they also bring a host of risks and responsibilities or property owners.
Climate change adaptation efforts unfolding

Climate change adaptation efforts unfolding

Canada’s newly finalized climate change adaptation strategy sets out objectives and attaches mid- to near-term targets to bolster resilience in five key action areas.
New oversight regime set for Ontario elevators

New oversight regime set for Ontario elevators

A new oversight regime for Ontario’s elevators and escalators will come into force on March 1, bringing shorter timelines for rectifying an extensive list of designated high-risk deficiencies.

‘Tis the season for slip and fall claims

Failing to take the necessary steps to prevent slip and fall accidents can lead to costly litigation and mar the reputation of a building and its management.
tornado First Onsite

In the event of a tornado

Important steps and precautions for residential property managers in the build-up and aftermath of a tornado.
Private homes preferred venue for cannabis consumption

Private homes preferred for cannabis use

More than 90 per cent of survey respondents confirm that they typically use non-medical cannabis in their own homes, while 46 per cent use it in other people’s homes.
cyber security

Why facilities must be proactive to improve cyber security

Research found cyber attackers increased their targeting of internet-connected OT devices by 2,204% between January and September 2021.
worker safety

8 essentials for worker safety

AFFLINK's Safety Supply Checklist outlines eight essentials for facility managers and workers.

The future of water in buildings is smart

Water creates levels of risk throughout all stages of a building’s life cycle and is a major cause of loss during and after construction.
Business case assumptions evolve alongside ESG

Business case assumptions evolve alongside ESG

Investors and lenders are expected to increasingly focus on the physical and transitional risks of climate change, in turn upending some conventional views of costs and value.
risk management

What’s your risk management story?

Owners of multi-residential properties will need to demonstrate best-in-class risk management and maintenance to secure even baseline coverage in 2022.
winter maintenance

Winter maintenance strategies that work

With experts predicting an earlier start to Canada’s cold season, the time to get started on winter maintenance is now.