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Weathering the 3rd wave of COVID-19

As COVID-19 variants surge throughout the country, what do the latest lockdown measures mean for residential landlords?
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Evicting tenants during a pandemic

As COVID-19 cases continue to surge across the nation, the dispute over whether evicting tenants is ethical has reached fever pitch.

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Let’s get physical: reopening recreational facilities

The decision to re-open a recreational facility is the landlord’s decision to make, and one that requires careful consideration and planning.
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BC announces rent repayment framework

With the ban on evictions poised to lift September 1, B.C. has announced a rent repayment framework for those owing past money due to COVID-related income loss.
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More challenges in store for rental-housing sector

Challenges due to COVID-19 continue to rock the apartment sector, with landlords fearing a rise in rent arrears as May 1 approaches.
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Affordable housing for all

As Canada’s federal election inches closer, and hopeful candidates criss-cross the nation making bold declarations about future reform, affordable housing remains a hot-button issue for all.

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Cannabis in the multi-residential living space

On October 17, the new Cannabis Act will officially take effect, and no one is more alarmed about the pending challenges than landlords and tenants.

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Landlords seek cannabis veto

With the Cannabis Act set to make recreational pot use legal throughout Canada, landlords are demanding the right to ban the divisive substance within their rental units before the law officially takes effect July 1.

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New B.C. landlord registry tool

A registry for landlords designed to professionalize the rental industry throughout B.C. is now available. The registry developed by LandlordBC will allow tenants to screen

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B.C. rolls out Certified Rental Building program

Concert Properties is one of two pioneering adopters of the Certified Rental Building program, which formally kicked off at a launch event on November 26th in North Vancouver.