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Health, wellness and the internet

The need for strong internet connection that facilitates all aspects of a tenant’s life—working, learning, exercising, socializing—is here to stay.
waste management

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Technology gets smart about waste management

Waste equipment and services that can process and organize vast amounts of data help inform sustainable practices throughout the facility.
IoT for building energy management

Canadian Facility Management & Design

IoT and building energy management

What, exactly, is the Internet of Things (IoT)? And how does it relate to building energy management? Read ahead for how connective technologies can lead to smarter buildings.
Nexus REIT bumping up industrial weighting

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Kenall acquired by Legrand North and Central

Legrand recently announced its acquisition of Kenall, manufacturer of energy efficient and sustainable specification grade lighting and control solutions.
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Canadian Apartment Magazine

New study looks at IoT in multi-unit dwellings

The Continental Automated Buildings Association, through its Connected Home Council, has launched a collaborative research study entitled "Connected Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) and Internet of Things (IoT)