Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation

Receptive climate for risk management brewing

Canadian Property Management

Receptive climate for risk management brewing

New guidance for CRE investors and owners/managers highlights climate-related risks, recommended safeguard measures and key questions for gauging the preparedness of assets.
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REMI Network

Climate advocates warn of extreme heat fallout

Property owners, managers, and communities all have a role to play when it comes to the irreversible reality of extreme-heat events.
New Brunswick revises disaster relief formula

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Catastrophic flooding causes slump in sale prices

A new report from the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation finds home prices have dropped in specific communities where catastrophic flooding occured.

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Flood preparedness in Canada graded C

Canada’s provinces and territories received a grade of C on flood preparedness, following a two-year national study completed in 2019.
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Are condos prepared for climate change?

While many condos haven’t yet experienced the major effects of climate change, statistics and case studies foreshadow the impacts that could come.