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Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Out in the cold

Every year, over 40,000 working Canadians are injured due to slip and fall accidents, particularly during the winter months. Ice, accumulated snow, and moisture outside
slip and fall accidents

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Avoid slip and fall accidents in your building

Winter brings snow, ice, and an increased risk for slip and fall accidents in your facility. Minimizing these risks and keeping your facility clean is
salt use

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Maintenance tips for lowering your winter salt use

Does your winter outdoor maintenance program rely on salt use? Outdoor maintenance comes with its challenges all year long, but winter can be particularly unique.

Canadian Apartment Magazine

‘Tis the season for slip and fall claims

Failing to take the necessary steps to prevent slip and fall accidents can lead to costly litigation and mar the reputation of a building and its management.