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Combatting Cold-Weather Condensation

The cold winter weather can bring all manner of property maintenance issues, but few can cause as many headaches as unchecked condensation.
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Snow storage pad offers green solution for salt

A new snow storage pad has been developed to reduce the environmental impacts of salt collected in Guelph, Ont.
floor care

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Floor care tips for the winter

Here are several tips to protect floors and ensure safety for building occupants.
winter preventative maintenance program

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Is your facility ready for winter?

Steps facility managers can take to help keep communities safe and reduce their risk profile.

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Preparing for the Perils of Winter

Waterproofing, managing heat loss, snow removal, and other seasonal considerations when you are preparing your building for winter.
frozen pipes

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Tips for managing frozen pipes

Many buildings across the Greater Toronto Area experienced frigid weather this month, which caused pipes in commercial buildings to freeze and burst.
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Five critical elements of floor care

There are ways to protect floors and keep them looking their best during the winter. Here are five critical elements or components of floor care.

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Five tips for evaluating de-icing products

There are various products on the market for managing the season’s worst, which can make choosing a de-icing material a difficult task.

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Winter conditions challenge facility maintenance

In heavy winter conditions, facility maintenance should include the application of ice melt to key walkways.
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How to maintain commercial carpets during winter

With proper maintenance and care, commercial carpets can withstand a harsh winter of slush and snow.