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Climate advocates call for CleanBC reboot

A large group of multi-sector signatories are calling on the B.C. government to overhaul its CleanBC climate action plan, calling it inadequate and out-of-step with recent climate data.
healthcare facilities 

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Guidelines inform resilient healthcare facilities 

Newly released guidelines offer a standard for approaching the planning and designing of healthcare facilities from a resiliency perspective.
British Columbia extends provincial sales tax rebate

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B.C. prolongs provincial sales tax rebate

B.C. has extended the PST rebate on electric vehicle charging stations, furniture, tools, office equipment and some other building/facilities management and operations essentials for another six months.
hospital staffing

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B.C. begins bringing hospital staffing back in-house

B.C. says the move is an attempt to improve wages and work environments and make frontline work more desirable.

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First condo coming to B.C.’s Lakestone community

The natural setting of Lake Country, British Columbia, inspired the architecture of what will become the first condo project in the Lakestone community located in the Okanagan Valley.
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Vacant dwellings yield revenue gains for B.C.

Resident British Columbians own about 30 per cent of the properties subject to the speculation and vacancy tax, but account for just 6.6 per cent of collected revenue.
biomass power

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WTO okay with provinces buying biomass power

The World Trade Organization agreed with Canada that the U.S. conflated wholesale and retail electricity rates to arrive at its supposition that B.C. and Quebec hydro utilities overpaid for biomass power.
B.C. prohibits CECRA-eligible landlords from evicting tenants

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B.C. invokes terms for CECRA-eligible landlords

The move is in step with one of three recommendations the Canadian Federation of Independent Business is promoting to support businesses dealing with COVID-19-triggered financial stress.

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Landa plans mixed-use community in Richmond, B.C.

Landa Global Properties has bought a 3.5 acre property in Richmond, B.C, with plans for housing, retail and a hotel.
PST rebate

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Historic climate action spending appears modest

The promised $679 million amounts to $189 million of actual spending in 2019-20 since most of the investment is to be rolled out over a three-year period.
Ontario electricity prices hold steady despite dropping demand

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B.C. affirms uneven split of hydro system costs

It's estimated that equitable apportionment could push residential rates 2.2 per cent higher than the proposed 1.8 per cent increase for fiscal year 2020, while commercial rates would drop and industrial rates remain the same.
first aid

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BC set to introduce new first aid training requirements

First aid attendants are a lifeline for those who become injured or ill in the workplace. In order to cover a broader spectrum of medical
wood design

Design Quarterly

Winners announced at 2018 Wood Design Awards in B.C.

At the 14th annual Wood Design Awards, the innovative architectural and structural design of taller and larger mass timber buildings took centre stage.
residential development land


B.C. residential development land takes tax hit

The British Columbia government expects to collect about $520 million in new annual revenue through additional residential property taxes and property transfer taxes.

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Evacuation priorities drive B.C. code proposal

Proposed amendment would eliminate the requirement for signage instructing building occupants not to use the elevator in the case of a fire.
B.C. wildfire

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Lessons from the Wildfires: Tips for Cleaning Smoke Damage

Since early April 2017, first responders, Canadian agencies, and restoration specialists have been uniting to bring British Columbia back from one of the worst wildfire seasons in the province's history.
indoor air quality

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Forest fires pose indoor air quality challenge

Indoor air quality specialists concur that larger commercial buildings are among the better places to be when outdoor conditions are compromised since HVAC systems typically incorporate air filtration.