Tenant lounge

Tenant lounge reborn from vacant retail space

A former convenience store, adjacent to the lobby inside a downtown Toronto office tower, has been transformed into a private 1920s-style Art Deco lounge for tenant meetings and events.
Passive House

A first Passive House retrofit in Halifax

Once complete, it will serve as an inspiration for others pursuing deep retrofits of existing buildings, an endeavour that offers the most hope for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Halifax.

New standards for sustainable material use

A new set of standards defines minimum sustainability criteria for high-volume materials used in architecture and interior projects.

A new healthcare tower for a diverse community

The new Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre in Toronto’s east end ushers in a new era of healthcare.

Probing the impact of renos on dementia patients

The quality of life awaiting future residents within the country’s institutional-like care facilities is facing scrutiny as researchers closely examine how these spaces are being reimagined for the better.

A path to barrier-free buildings: Facility assessments and strategic accessibility plans

A pressing issue facing facility managers is the crucial impact that barrier-free accessibility can have on a strategic renewal plan.

At Scarborough’s newest collaborative workspace

LCH Developments wanted to bring something unique to the empty retail space on the ground floor of a condominium in Cliffside Village.

Inside Manulife’s latest workplace transformation

Overhauling Manulife’s Canadian head office in Waterloo transformed into an even more significant project than previously intended.

Can workplace design be recession-proof?

There are four fundamental elements that should be considered for any space design, especially when a recession is looming, dollars are tight and retaining and attracting top talent is essential.

Realizing trauma-informed care in the workplace

Trauma is defined broadly as an emotional response to an overwhelming incident or series of events. When our subconscious ability to cope is overwhelmed, we
Grande Prairie

Designing for patient dignity in Grande Prairie 

Inside the 681,000-square-foot facility, people are able to experience the landscape and natural light, even throughout Alberta’s harsh weather extremes.

Tapping into the disability purchasing market

Canadians with disabilities make up the largest potential market of consumers, clients, employees and homeowners, with an annual buying power of $25 billion.
human factors

Workers now expect more from employers — a human factors approach can help

People are now looking to see if the organizations they work for align with their personal health needs.

Indigenous-led projects raise bar for city-building

The architects and developers behind some of Canada’s new Indigenous-focused projects are designing spaces that harmonize with their natural landscapes, setting a higher standard for how urban buildings impact the environment and their surrounding communities.

Inside the reboot of Hootsuite’s Vancouver HQ 

Brightly-coloured lounge furniture, in a peachy warm palette, curves around a stone fireplace in the living room of Hootsuite’s newly transformed Vancouver headquarters that was downsized during the pandemic.

Smarter care at Vaughan’s first hospital

Through the doors of Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital, the first hospital to ever rise in Vaughan, Ontario, life’s health challenges are met with comfort, safety and lots of natural light.

Creating a neurodiverse workplace

As employees eventually return to the office, most will bring with them a heightened sensitivity to their surroundings—specifically to what they touch and their proximity to coworkers.