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Timber for Two

The mid-rise, not the attention seeking wood skyscraper, will ultimately transform the way we see wood-frame and mass-timber construction.
cascadia fiberglass framed

Design Quarterly

Cascadia launches fiberglass framed window wall

Cascadia Windows & Doors has launched the world’s first fiberglass-framed window wall system called the Universal Series Window Wall.
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Design Quarterly

Showcasing Passive House design

What if we could build homes that are energy efficient, healthy and beautiful? The first passive home in West Vancouver showcases the possibilities.
wood design

Design Quarterly

Cutting edge wood lab is an engineering marvel

The Wood Innovation Research Laboratory in Prince George is the first ever industrial building in North America to be Passive House certified.
WIRL passive house

Design Quarterly

WIRL achieves Passive House certification

The Wood Innovation Research Lab has achieved Passive House certification - the first educational-industrial building of its type in North America.
Clayton Community centre Surrey

Design Quarterly

Clayton Community Centre breaks ground in Surrey

The new Clayton Community Centre in Surrey has broken ground, and is on track to become the first of its kind in North America.
Spire Landing

Design Quarterly

Spire Landing delivers Passive House rental units

When completed in the fall of 2018, Spire Landing in Vancouver will be one of Canada’s largest multi-unit Passive House developments.
passive house

Design Quarterly

Is Passive House a panacea for the environment?

Interest in the Passive House standard has increased significantly in the last two to three years throughout North America and especially in Western Canada.

REMI Network

German infill district hits energy use target

A new report confirms that Passive House design is delivering promised energy performance in the Bahnstadt district of Heidelberg, Germany.
passive house office

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Chinese-Austrian input on green office first

China's first Passive House office building has been certified in the city of Zhuozhou through the joint efforts of the owner/occupant, Hebei Xinhua Curtain Wall Co., and the company's Austrian consultant.
Saskatchewan Conservation House

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Historic Canadian project wins Pioneer Award

The Passive House Institute announced it will hand out this year’s international Pioneer Award to the Saskatchewan Conservation House in Regina. The award honours trailblazing

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Italy welcomes first Passive House school

Less than a month after China announced the completion of its first energy-efficient Passive House, Italy welcomes “Sculoa Passive Raldon”— the country’s first certified Passive