Electric vehicle charging

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Planning is key for electric vehicle charging stations

As more Ontarians transition to electric vehicles (EVs), high-rise residential and business properties will need EV charging stations and should seek expert advice to ensure their investments are managed safely and correctly.
2 Burrard Place

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Pre-sale success of 2 Burrard Place may signal market shift

In downtown Vancouver, pre-sale condos have failed over the past four years due to a slew of government housing policies and taxes to cool out-of-reach prices.


Preventing conflicts from escalating in condos

There are strategies that can be helpful to consider in recognition of the fact that reactive approaches to conflict can be quite costly for condo boards.

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Condos low on list for boomers thinking of buying

A new survey from Royal LePage found that 35 per cent of this cohort is thinking of buying a home in the next few years.
SOMA on Cambie

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SOMA on Cambie rises in Vancouver

At 28,000 square feet, the development aligns with Vancouver’s overarching plan for higher density land use developments.

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Urban exodus in Ontario may be exaggerated

Small-town life appeals to only 18 per cent of big city residents who are considering selling their home in the next year.
Trace Engineering

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Gaining the HVAC maintenance edge

If you want to extend the life and improve the performance of your HVAC equipment, having the right specs to maintain it counts.
fire code


Condos lag on fire code compliance

Fire plans may need an overhaul as the resident population ages, building systems are updated, and renovations alter the layout of floors or rooms.
parking garage

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How to upgrade parking garage safety

The colour scheme seen in parking garages that are up-to-code is the result of coordinating multiple bylaws; for example, municipal property standards, fire code, building code, and health and safety codes.


Condos in precarious spot if small repairs sit idle

Should the corporation move forward with certain maintenance repairs if the issue has the potential to become exponentially worse?
elevator repair


Ontario advances elevator repair legislation

Ontario is kicking the dust off of elevator repair legislation, which was passed under the Liberal government in May 2018 but never proclaimed into law.


Soundproofing tips for condo flooring

Renovation agreements act as a preventative measure against owners and contractors looking to skimp on the acoustic membrane required to be installed under flooring.
foreign buyers

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Feds greenlight ‘vacant home’ tax for foreign buyers

As of January 2022, the government is applying a 1 per cent annual tax on the value of non-resident and non-Canadian owned properties that are “vacant or underused.”


Seven tips for building trust in condo communities

It is unlikely that the condo’s declaration, bylaws, rules, or policies include any reference to trust; yet good governance cannot be achieved without it.
Advantage Pest Control

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Proactive Pest Management

April showers bring May flowers … and pests! For insights into pest control challenges and tips on how to swat them, we turned to Paolo Bossio, president and CEO of Advantage Pest Control.


Virtual practices stir up privacy concerns

As Ontario considers making digital and virtual processes permanent, the condo industry is addressing various privacy concerns.
virtual meetings

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First-of-its-kind certification for chairing virtual meetings

More than 70 board members and condo managers recently completed a workshop to earn the industry's first certification for chairing virtual meetings.