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Plastic chemicals face growing scrutiny

The United Nations Environment Assembly adopted a resolution on March 2, 2022, to end plastic pollution by 2040.

Civic spaces rise to net-zero heights in Edmonton

Fire stations have evolved into a much broader sense of community as cities seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reach net-zero targets partially through design.
Decarbonization roadmap navigators now in demand

Decarbonization roadmap navigators in demand

Real estate operators are looking to consultants, turnkey contractors and software for navigational assistance in developing and implementing decarbonization roadmaps.
Energy storage prompts battery of precautions

Energy storage prompts a battery of precautions

In step with the projected surge in energy storage installations, fire safety advisors are actively working to help clean tech adopters understand and mitigate the risks.
CRE fosters all-in approach to decarbonization

CRE fosters all-in approach to decarbonization

Daunting net zero targets in the buildings sector are spurring an all-in approach to decarbonization that assigns roles to finance, engineering, management and operational teams.
Building electrification projects impart lessons

Building electrification projects impart lessons

The business case for electrification works best when retrofits are synced with the end-of-life of existing mechanical equipment and/or asset repositioning plans

New standards for sustainable material use

A new set of standards defines minimum sustainability criteria for high-volume materials used in architecture and interior projects.

Reconciling through design at Centennial College

A look at the recently completed $112-million expansion project at Centennial College built on Indigenous values.
Solar rooftop photovoltaics spark safety advice

Rooftop solar photovoltaics spark safety advice

Rooftop solar PV installations pack a potentially lethal electrical charge, necessitating vigilant monitoring and maintenance of the many system components.
ESG metrics inform range of CRE stakeholders

Range of CRE stakeholders demand ESG metrics

Canada’s leading commercial real estate players are increasingly turning to ESG metrics to track responsiveness to a range of emerging risks and business imperatives.

Archival preservation facility is a net-zero first

Library and Archives Canada’s new preservation storage facility opened as the first net-zero carbon archival centre in the Americas,

Refurbishing waste equipment in a circular era

Recycling tends to take all the glory and centre-stage of sustainability narratives in the media. Garbage, on the other hand, is a significant problem that is rarely discussed.
Canadian buildings scrutinized in OECD review

Canadian buildings scrutinized in OECD review

As part of a biennial review and benchmarking of Canada’s economic performance, a new OECD report looks at progress toward the interim 2030 target and 2050 goal for net-zero carbon emissions.
World Workplace

A recap of IFMA’s World Workplace

In the past, cleaning suppliers, landscapers, and pest control companies dominated FM shows. Not anymore.
Grande Prairie

Designing for patient dignity in Grande Prairie 

Inside the 681,000-square-foot facility, people are able to experience the landscape and natural light, even throughout Alberta’s harsh weather extremes.

Designing the shopping experience of the future

New theories on retail centre on how experiences, convenience and a sense of community can draw people to a physical site.
Electricity grid capacity a 2030 imperative

Electricity grid capacity a 2030 imperative

Electricity grid capacity is critical to enable the buildings and transportation sectors to move away from fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.